June 7, 2023

A natural swimming pool from july 2013

A natural swimming pool from July 2013

In january, planner claus schmitt from the bamberg waterworks invited tenders for the individual works, which the municipal council now had to decide on in its meeting. The total cost of the project is therefore about 420,000 euros, which is about six percent above the estimated amount.
The largest single item is the pool and filter construction, including the children’s pool and pipes, which the council awarded at a net price of 220,000 euros to the specialist company john in hallstadt, which also built the natural pool in gobweinstein. The company bornkessel from volkers-leier is responsible for the wood and stone construction work and the concrete foundations at a price of 33,000 euros.
A good 25,000 euros will be needed for bathing water, electrical and pumping equipment, and water treatment. The most favorable bidder was the company S&H gmbh from bad kissingen. Paving work, the pool surround and the lawns will be done by the company DMG from burglauer at a price of about 93,000 euros.
This does not include the renovation of the swimming pool building, which is neither modern nor appropriate and which was discussed by the town council at its last but one meeting. For the sale, anette sauer, who is jointly responsible for the project, would like to see a larger sales window and more space inside the store. "The kiosk has become an unhygienic affair due to numerous additional devices. It would also be advantageous to have a storage area that is easily accessible from the sales department", she argued.
Her husband, local councillor gunter sauer, also advocated a change to the entrance area, which is to be a billboard for the natural swimming pool. Mayor thomas hack considered the renovation work "manageable and feasible and suggested ca. 10 000 euro for this project, which found the majority of the council with two votes against.
Martin baldauf, who is familiar with financial matters, calculated a "lot of money", namely a round half million for the total decrease. Fortunately, the demand of 150,000 euros from EU funds as well as the amount saved so far – especially for the bathroom renovation – will be used, so that a financial basis is available. At the request of nobert schmitt, architect schmidt was optimistic. He believes that the construction schedule can be met. In the worst case scenario, the companies had to pay a fine.
Mayor hack is sure "that aura is absolutely not exotic in the matter of natural baths". Germany is the market leader in natural spas, 140 of which have been built in the last four years, he said, quoting from a trade journal from: "we are in the trend."
In the further course of the meeting, the council approved the building application of thomas graser, who wanted to erect a parking garage on trimberger weg. The discussion and resolution on the 2013 budget was postponed because the responsible administrative employee, norbert winter, was ill.


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