June 7, 2023

A new shark plays guitar for shark

A new shark plays guitar for shark

Gregor zech still knows exactly when shark played the first concert. That was the 11. April 1986. "That's when it all started", the now 43-year-old guitarist remembers the band's early days. Together with christian haller, andreas winterling and peter spies he called the "hai" into life. And he has not lost his bite until today.
Except for two bassist changes, the shark lineup has remained constant over the years. For a hobby band over such a long period of time an amazing achievement. For the 25th anniversary of the band, a cd was recorded in 2011 – exclusively with own compositions. Only in this year founding member peter spies (guitar) left the band and was replaced by tom vogler.
He was a shark fan for years and a regular guest at the concerts. "They were always a guarantee to meet people you don't normally see. It was a bit like beer week." And he adds: "if you like this kind of music in the county, you can't miss shark"." With his former group, the roadhouse blues band, vogler has even had joint performances with shark. "We played the same style."
When peter spies left the sharks, tom vogler didn't have to think twice to join shark. "When I heard that the band was about to break up, it really got to me. Because of a missing guitarist such an ancient project should not die." Said, done. Since this year vogler is officially a shark member.
The 49-year-old represents his music with heart and soul and, like many other musicians, complains about the lack of performance opportunities. "In bayreuth, a huge opera house is maintained – and here all the village pubs with event halls have disappeared." During the vestrufa era, kulmbach had the highest density of bands in bavaria, if not in germany, says vogler.
Gigs are not planned this year anyway, adds guitarist gregor zech. Because the band wants to write new songs. "At our last concert, we only played our own music – and we want to keep it that way, he explains.

Cds to win

So that the time until the next performance is not too long, the band has given us five current cds to raffle off. If you want to win one of them, you only have to vote on 19. September between 12.30 and 13.30 o'clock to the telefonhorer seize and the number 0137/9067066 dial (50 cent from the german fixed net) as well as name and address and as keyword "shark" call. The winners will be drawn from all the callers and sent the CD.


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