June 7, 2023

An evening under the sign of friedrich nietzsche

Already at the vernissage of peter rutzmoser’s installation "thus spoke zarathustra it became clear that the philosopher friedrich nietzsche and his work still have broad appeal. This was also reflected in the rough attendance at the 18. Literary matinee of the kronach art association and so the 1. Chairman, karol J. Hurec, who wanted to inform the numerous listeners about the life and suffering, the personality and the philosophy of this great thinker.

"Man may reach out as far as he can with his knowledge, may appear to himself to be as objective as he is: in the end, he carries nothing of it but his own biography." (nietzsche, human, all-too-human) this motto of nietzsche’s was placed by lou andreas-salome in the first section of three in her biography "friedrich nietzsche in seinen werken" ahead. This book was presented at the literary matinee on the occasion of the rutzmoser installation by krystyna hurec-diaczyszyn.

Andreas-salome (1861 – 1937), one of the most famous writers, essayists and psychoanalysts of her time, saw her task as a biographer in explaining the thinker through the man nietzsche, because like in no other philosopher did the outer intellectual work and inner life picture coincide so completely in one. That nietzsche was also a highly talented musician was evident to the audience from the piano pieces composed by nietzsche that were played at the beginning of the lecture.

Lou andreas-salome’s excerpts highlighted his own self as nietzsche’s central theme; in one of his last poems, nietzsche himself described himself as a self-connoisseur and self-henker.

The isolation, need for help and despair of the brilliant philosopher, who was far ahead of his time in his untimely thinking, was for irvin D. Yalom (b. 1931), one of the best-known and most influential therapists in the u.S.A., took the opportunity to write an educational novel for his students that would take them back to vienna at the end of the 19th century.Should move at the beginning of the century. "And nietzsche wept" is a fictional novel in which the philosopher friedrich nietzsche interacts with dr. Josef breuer, sigmund freud’s mentor, plays a major role in the emergence of the field of psychotherapy.

Krystyna hurec-diaczyszyn referred to additional reading material, such as the biographies by kerstin decker about nietzsche’s sister elisabeth forster-nietzsche ("the sister") and lou andreas-salome ("der bittersube funke ich") as well as to the films (DVD) "und nietzsche weinte" ("and nietzsche wept") and "lou"