June 7, 2023

Attempted death trumps festival balance

Attempted death trumps festival balance

Josef hofbauer an attempted homicide on the first anna festival weekend and a number of outstanding offenses mar the otherwise rather positive police record for the 179th anniversary of the founding of the company. Annafest. The forces of the police inspection forchheim and their support forces of the police prasidium upper franconia and the riot police were called to 110 operations this year. This was significantly less than the previous year.

A blow with a stone mab jug on the head of his victim is the sad climax of this year's anna festival. Already on the early, first annafestabend a 37-year-old forchheimer smashed a mabkrug on the head of his victim, who was initially with suspected schadel brain trauma hospitalized. The perpetrator was arrested.

It is probably thanks to fortunate circumstances that the victim was not as badly injured as originally thought. The perpetrator was brought before the police and remanded in custody on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. The same happened to another player who tried to stab his opponent from behind with a broken beer bottle. Although the charge is only "dangerous bodily injury", the circumstances surrounding the crime also led to the perpetrator being taken into custody for investigation.

High blood alcohol levels

High blood alcohol levels also caused incomprehension and horror among the emergency services during other operations. In the course of youth protection checks on the first day of the annafest, a twelve-year-old girl was found at the annafest with a blood alcohol level of 1.66 and handed over to her parents. On the second day of annafest, a pregnant woman under the influence of alcohol with 1.28 per mille (!) a beer bottle over the head of another person, because there was a quarrel with another group of people when leaving the annafestival.

Equally incomprehensible was the reaction of a drunken senior who fell due to his alcoholic state and suffered a head injury in the process. While the ambulance service was still treating the man, the 69-year-old, who was initially unconscious, regained consciousness and no longer wanted to be treated. In the process, he hit a 21-year-old female sanitation worker in the face with his fist. Despite bruising and severe pain, the helper continued to bravely perform her voluntary service.

The so-called "wave breakers" have preserved themselves in front of the winterbauerkeller. Even though the police department management was skeptical about this attempt at first, jochen prinzkosky, head of the forchheim police department, spoke of a "successful measure to control the flow of visitors.

Measured by the number of visitors, the celebration at the annafest was predominantly convivial. A look at the previous annafest statistics shows a pleasing decrease in the number of bodily injury offenses and in the number of acts of resistance against police officers. The work of one or more vandals in the night to tuesday led to a significant increase in the area of property damage. Theft, insult and violation of the narcotics law remain at the previous year's level.

Praise for the helpers

Helmut karg, head of the red cross, pays a huge tribute to the 220 or so volunteers from the workers' samaritan association of grafenberg and the red cross of forchheim. During the annafest, the firefighters put in around 2500 hours of service. There were 322 jobs to be done. "The major part were small things like mosquito, bee or wasp stings, sprained legs or bruises because someone had fallen down", explains karg.

In 40 cases the treated persons had to be taken to the hospital. Here the palette ranged from circulatory collapses to heart attacks and bone fractures due to brawling.

Karg calls the assault of a female helper by a visitor to the annafest frightening. The man hit her in the face with his fist. "Something like this is unacceptable. Alcohol or drunkenness, someone like that has to face the full force of the law", underlines karg. It must be remembered that helpers take extra leave in order to be able to provide emergency care at the annafest.

Even when the festival is over, the firefighters are still far from having a day off. They also set up the emergency stations in the cellar forest before the anna festival. Everything has to be transported back and stowed away.

A reassuring feeling of security was conveyed by the up to 50 members of the nurnberg security service who were on duty at the same time. Lars muller, head of the company, is pleased to note that the visitors had already become accustomed to the bag checks. The emergency services always had the critical points in view. After a scuffle at the hofmannskeller, the security staff were even praised for intervening quickly and giving the police the slip.

All in all, the emergency services performed more than 3000 hours of work at the annafest. The conclusion of lars muller: "apart from a mabkrug attack at the beginning of the festival and the assault on a sanitary worker, a wonderful family festival".


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