June 7, 2023

Bad staffelstein: a barcode for shorter waiting times

Bad staffelstein: a barcode for shorter waiting times

With a few weeks delay, swimming lakes and outdoor pools are allowed to open again for visitors. "For the restrictions we have this summer due to the corona virus, everything runs relatively normal", sums up martin luders, managing director of freizeit gmbh bad staffelstein. The lake has been open again for almost a month now. According to his assessment, it takes a certain amount of time for everything to settle in again. "You don't have to think that everything goes at once. Right now we are still in the run-in phase do not know how long this lasts."

Chips to pay the guests

To ensure that bathers can keep enough distance from each other, a maximum number of people allowed on the land at the same time has been set for the current bathing season. "We have a certain quota of people who can be let in at the same time", says luders. Each guest is provided with ten square meters of lying space. "The upper limit is 1000 visitors, on the busiest day this year 850 people were here." So far, according to the bath staffelsteiner, the space has been well sufficient.

The number of bathers is controlled with the help of chips. "Each guest receives a chip at the entrance, which is returned when they leave. Normally, visitors have always received a cash voucher, so we have only been able to pay in arrears for how many visitors were at the lake per day", luders explains the procedure. There is no online ticket system for the bad staffelsteiner swimming lake. "When the upper limit of 1000 bathers is reached, we will inform people via facebook and our homepage."

Longer waiting time at the entrance

Visitors to the bathing lake are very careful about distance and hygiene rules. "We have to point out at most once or twice a day that not too many children are allowed on the diving tower at the same time", reports luders. In general, the guests were very well adjusted to the rules and pay attention to them also in the toilets and changing rooms.

Luders sees a small restriction in the waiting times at the checkout: "at the entrance, people have to wait a little longer because we have to note down the contact data", he says. In order to speed up the process, it would be helpful if each bathers would already bring a piece of paper with his or her data. In addition, a sign with a barcode was placed on the way to the lake. "Guests using a smartphone can scan the code and enter their data digitally", explains luders. At the cash desk you only have to show the digital confirmation.

519 bathing guests in ebensfeld

In ebensfeld currently 519 visitors were allowed to stay at the same time on the land of the natural swimming pool. "The toilets and one shower in the outdoor area are available for the guests, the changing cabins and the showers in the indoor area remain closed for the time being for security reasons", bernd hubner, administrative employee of the market community ebensfeld, describes the current situation.

To ensure that the maximum number of bathers is not exceeded, the cashier was equipped with a payment device. "Whoever goes in and out is paid, of course masks must be worn at the entrance, at the kiosk and in the sanitary area", hubner explains the approach. As the administrative officer adds, the pontoons will remain closed this season. The aim is to prevent visitors to the natural swimming pool from frolicking there and failing to keep their distance.


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