June 7, 2023

Car bomb explodes outside french embassy in libya

Car bomb explodes outside french embassy in libya

This was reported by the libyan state news agency lana. No one has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack, which damaged other buildings and 30 cars in addition to the embassy.

During the revolution in libya, france, together with great britain, was one of the strongest international supporters of the opposition against dictator muammar al-gaddafi. The long-term ruler was then overthrown and killed by rebels in october 2011. Libya’s interim government, led by prime minister ali seidan, condemned the attack and recalled the aid provided by france in 2011. She promised to do everything possible to find the culprits. However, investigations into previous attacks on foreign establishments over the past year and a half had come to nothing.

France’s president francois hollande strongly condemned the attack. "This act is aimed beyond france to all countries of the international community involved in the fight against terrorism," hollande said in paris, according to the elysee palace. Like hollande, auben minister laurent fabius announced that france would make every effort with the libyan authorities to "shed light on the circumstances of this heinous act and to find the perpetrators quickly.". Fabius traveled to tripoli to get a first-hand impression of the situation there.

On the fringes of a meeting of nato ministers of the air in brussel, federal minister guido westerwelle (FDP) said: "this act of terror against a diplomatic facility must be urgently clarified and the perpetrators brought to justice." The libyan government is expected to do everything "to ensure the safety of foreign missions".

According to the italian auben ministry, the attack shows that extremist forces in libya are still trying to destabilize the transition process. The consolidation of democratic institutions is not only in the interest of libya, but of the entire mediterranean region, the statement added.

The vice-president of the last libyan transitional government, mustafa abu shagur, condemned the act and spoke of a "cowardly attack.

On 11. Last september, four americans were killed in an attack on the u.S. Consulate in the libyan port city of bengasi, including u.S. Ambassador chris stevens.

Germany and several western countries warn against travel to libya due to unstable security situation. According to the foreign office, the situation in the country remains unclear. Armed clashes are possible at any time. Until now, tripoli was considered safer than bengasi.


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