June 7, 2023

Change of leadership at the tea giant

Change of leadership at the tea giant

After 38 years with the company, managing partner adolf wedel will be concentrating on his role as chairman of the group of shareholders from the end of this year onwards. He is currently the third generation of the family to head MB holding, which owns the nature network group of companies (martin bauer group, phytolab, finzelberg, europlant group).

According to the vestenbergsgreuth family business, the current situation is still challenging. So far, the company has fortunately come through the corona crisis very well. On the one hand, the industry was fundamentally less affected, and on the other, extensive precautionary measures had been introduced very early on, which will also be maintained in the future. Adolf wedel will hand over his duties to albert ferstl at the end of the year and concentrate fully on his other role, he announced at a digital staff meeting on friday. "Especially in times of crisis, constant adaptability and willingness to change are crucial. This will also be of decisive importance for future success", according to adolf wedel.

Albert ferstl has shown over the last 30 years that he has these skills and will lead our group of companies safely into the future, said wedel. Therefore, wedel feels good to announce this special step for him now.

All areas are self-managed

Albert ferstl once managed all the business areas of the group himself and has been managing director of MB holding for almost 20 years. The family stands united behind the decision and feels that the office is in the right hands. "I appreciate the trust of the wedel family very much and I am aware of my responsibility", says albert ferstl. Adolf wedel thus remains the contact person for ferstl and bundles the interests of the family shareholders. The fourth generation in the person of anne wedel-klein and martin A. Wedel and the chief financial officer, peter kohr, are members of the management board of MB-holding.


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