June 7, 2023

Comment: everyone benefits from the music school

Comment: everyone benefits from the music school

It was several years ago that a mayor of the rhonian alliance – when asked about support for the music school – asked with a tone of conviction why a rhonian child absolutely had to learn the violin. In the village there is finally the brass band music. This attitude is understandable, but it does not go far enough.

It is time for all the communities in the rhonallianz to get behind the music school, because it is not an institution of the city of bad bruckenau. A private sponsoring association has been providing the funding for more than two decades. Bad bruckenau is the only municipality to support the music school financially. Two-thirds of the schoolchildren do not come from the city. The music school also cooperates with twelve music clubs in the region.

There, teachers sometimes drive to the villages to provide training. The brass bands also benefit from this, although they naturally pay for the lessons. For some rhon musicians, the local music club even became a springboard for a musical career. It is also unacceptable that parents, who are already burdened with driving their children, should also have to pay higher fees. This situation must come to an end, and soon.

The city of bad bruckenau must not rest on its laurels now, however. Because the pay is so poor, the school principal is now recruiting new teachers in person. It would be a pity if in the long run the quality of musical education suffers, because teachers with a degree prefer to work elsewhere. Everyone must now pull together: school management, the association that runs the school, but also the city and town councils. The time of church tower thinking is over.


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