June 7, 2023

Csu district leadership is in favor of tritthart

The district executive of the CSU erlangen-hochstadt and the district council faction unanimously propose district administrator alexander tritthart to the CSU party committees for a second term in office. District chairman stefan muller, mdb, in a press release: "alexander tritthart is far and away the best person for this important task, which is why we want him to continue in the coming election period as well." Tritthart, for his part, declared his willingness to run again for district council. The CSU party committees will meet in late spring to select the party’s district council candidate for the election on 15 june. March 2020 nomination.

District politics as teamwork

The unanimous recommendation was also welcomed by the chairman of the CSU district council faction, member of the state parliament walter nussel: "with alexander tritthart, we have a district administrator we could not wish for better. He has impressively demonstrated, even in the face of rough challenges, that he is competent, creative and energetic in the office, just as he promised the county’s citizens in 2014. Whether it was the management of the new district administration building and the move to it, the at times extreme demands on the office during the influx of refugees in 2015/2016, or topics such as the education region and, last but not least, his heartfelt affair of opnv: alexander tritthart leads the district with a calm and decisive hand, and that does our district recognizably good." Tritthart, who has been praised in this way, says he is very pleased about the trust placed in him by his district council group and makes it clear that he sees district politics as teamwork, in which the trusting cooperation between district councilors, district administrator and administration is essential for the successful and citizen-oriented fulfillment of tasks.