June 7, 2023

Culture as a management issue

Culture as a management issue

The variety of cultural and educational offerings in kitzingen is great – but there is a lack of coordination, a lack of support. This was the criticism voiced by the cultural workers at a panel discussion in the roxy cinema on monday evening. The five candidates for mayor of kitzingen promised to do better – even if their approaches were different.

The working group for culture/education/tourism had invited the candidates for mayor stefan guntner (CSU), manfred paul (SPD), dr. Uwe pfeiffle (/FBW), andrea schmidt (die grunen) and bianca troge (odp) were invited – a place that symbolizes the past, the present and the future of kitzingen culture, as moderator ralf dieter, editorial director of the kitzinger zeitung, said. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, but also the support of the city, it was possible to give the once closed cinema a future again – to realize a vision. And what is the vision of the candidates for mayor in the area of culture/education/tourism in kitzingen??

Which vision?

For bianca troge, this is a cultural office in which all dates and organizational matters are bundled, an event homepage is created and joint advertising is done at trade fairs. Andrea schmidt sees culture and education as a matter of the heart, wants to make it a matter for the boss. She described culture as well as dr. Uwe pfeiffle as a soft location factor that brings people to kitzingen and keeps them here. In the opinion of manfred paul (SPD), art and culture shape a city. He also thought that a cultural office was necessary and mentioned additional event spaces, for example in the rooms of the police station, which will become free after the relocation of the officers. Stefan guntner (CSU) emphasized that it is not correct when it is always claimed that there is nothing going on in kitzingen – the number of events in the old synagogue alone makes this clear. "We have to get this attitude out of our heads."Especially independent cultural workers are left to their own devices in kitzingen, criticized karin bohm, who is active for the hackerbuhne, among others. In kitzingen, there is a lack of a contact person who coordinates, but also informs about challenges. Andrea schmidt wants to create a deciding cultural committee with its own budget. In addition, a common platform is needed to coordinate the events. For bianca troge, volunteers should also be given a place and support in a cultural office. Dr. Uwe pfeiffle spoke of a coordinating body, as an office or department. It is clear that the city must strengthen its position here. There are many cultural facilities and offers in kitzingen. "We just have to bring it together and take it to the eaves."

Financial demand?

Manfred paul thinks it is important to support and further promote cultural diversity in kitzingen, especially since culture is also marketing and thus an economic requirement. Stefan guntner wanted to get rid of the designation "amt. "We have competent people in the vhs, city library or music school. Who should we put above it?" He asked. It is more a matter of providing them with someone for marketing or event planning. From the ranks of the audience also the aspect of the financial demand for free cultural workers was raised. Manfred paul and andrea schmidt pointed out the importance of cultural requirement guidelines that are currently still missing. All in all, all the candidates promised to provide greater support for those involved in culture – especially since the city council had decided in 2016 to introduce a culture round table, which had then not met once. "Resolutions are to be implemented" was the tenor of the statements of all participants. Uwe pfeiffle explained that there had been a working group in which he had participated. "The thing died because it went from a structural discussion to a discussion about personnel.The work of the city marketing association, which organizes numerous festivals, markets and the "stadtschoppen," was praised by all. This must be supported further (andrea schmidt) or integrated even more (manfred paul). Bianca troge said that as a business owner, she sees how much the association does on a voluntary basis, without it being accounted for.

New slogan?

Frank gimperlein, chairman of STMV, asked the candidates about their vision and branding. The slogan: "the green city in the river" does not please everyone. Uwe pfeiffle, for example, dislikes the political aspect inherent in the choice of the word "green city". Stefan guntner liked to work out with the burgers whether kitzingen was still the "green city" at all, especially since the slogan was created under the impression of the garden show and entente florale several years ago. Bianca troge sees the designation as a working title, which fits, straight in the indication of the climatic protection.

And where does culture have a space in kitzingen?? Bianca troge said there are various places for cultural events – the district center, churches, the sickerhalle, the carnival academy and more. Manfred paul could imagine a district center in the rooms of the police department, where clubs could also be accommodated. Several participants said that there were some interesting buildings in the city center that could also be used for clubs – an important aspect after the burgerzentrum, which has to make way for a hotel, has been demolished. They signaled a willingness to talk with those responsible for the burgerzentrum and the associations, even if the fronts were currently hardened. "There must be a new beginning," demanded manfred paul.

Event hall?

Thomas most, who himself sings in an a capella group and used to head the town marketing association, described it as shameful that there were no rooms for large events in kitzingen and that therefore far fewer concert tickets could often be sold than there was demand for them. Uwe pfeiffle and stefan guntner pointed out that they had tried to get an event hall off the ground, but the majority of the city council did not want this – a rejection that manfred paul cannot understand either. "I will tackle this again after the election," says pfeiffle. The idea of a hangar in the connekt was brought up again several times, for example for outdoor events. "No one is bothered by it out there".

First accent

What would the candidates as mayor tackle first in the area of culture/education/tourism?? For andrea schmidt, it is a civic center in the city. Uwe pfeiffle wanted to create a structure that would make it possible to plan and coordinate events for an entire year, so that citizens and organizers alike would have an overview of the event. Manfred paul wants to convene the culture round table to work out a joint concept for the future. Stefan guntner wanted to create a point of contact for culture and coordinate the work with those involved in culture. Bianca troge was going to set up a green classroom and a repair cafe, "it’s all about sustainability and education".


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