June 7, 2023

Debate about dsl speed in lind

Debate about dsl speed in lind

For example, the question of why the district of lind did not benefit from the faster DSL connections, even though the connection to the main town was made from there. Helmut zier (CSU) raised the issue and quickly found supporters. Kurt weibheimer (uwg) knew "definitely", that in lind only 6000 rates were possible, but not 16.000s. Petra haubner (SPD) has also had "such a thick neck" with some of the alleviation measures made out.

Burgermeister makes a call
The mayor, however, was not yet aware of the problem: "i check every other day and it always seemed that lind was adequately supplied. They can't just lay a pipe from lind and do nothing", sendelbeck wondered about the telecom planning, for which "we paid 128,000 euros. Kurt weibheimer: "that's like living on a water main but not getting any water."

Weibheimer, however, saw opportunities for improvement. "I am sure that they have dug two empty pipes for the fiber optic cable. A connection to the rentweinsdorfer verstarker can certainly still be made, but they'll probably want more money for that."

In any case, the mayor wants to make another "follow-up phone call" about this problem.
And there are further inquiries about the previously discussed renovation or felling of certain trees at the school, in the cemetery and in the market hall garden. Despite the many opinions expressed by the council, it was finally agreed to consult an expert.


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