June 7, 2023

Discount study: suddenly the e-golf from vw becomes very cheap

Discount study: suddenly the e-golf from vw becomes very cheap

Before the rough electric offensive, carmaker VW is obviously still clearing out its stock of older e-models. According to the latest discount study by the CAR institute of the university of essen-duisburg, the battery-powered e-golf is currently being printed on the market at a high discount.

According to the market observers, they have found several offers from internet traders that are in line with the government’s demand for a consumer end price of just over 20.000 euro come. So far for 31.900 euro offered electric car is currently below the list price of the most favorable combustion golf.

Study director ferdinand dudenhoffer suspects the imminent market launch of the e-model ID 3 as the reason for the discounts offered via retailers. The completely newly developed ID 3, with its greater range of around 300 kilometers, is expected to cost around 30 euros.000 euros, so that the current e-golf with a range of 233 kilometers no longer seems competitive. According to the institute, the discontinued model accounted for just 3.6 percent of all golf variants sold in germany in the first eight months of this year. Sales of the plug-in hybrid golf GTE were even weaker, with a share of 0.1 percent.

In principle, the study found only a few changes in the discount offers compared to the previous month. In openly advertised special promotions, individual models are offered with price reductions of up to 36 percent (seat alhambra). Internet dealers offer an average discount of 18.8 percent on the list price for self-configured top 30 models. Increased the rate of own approvals on traders and manufacturers. The background here is that vehicles with the euro 6c emissions standard could only be registered until the end of august.


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