June 7, 2023

Dream catcher crafting at the ramsthal bookstore

Dream catcher crafting at the ramsthal bookstore

An afternoon of reading and handicrafts was held at the ramsthal library as part of the vacation program. Eight children between the ages of five and eleven had gathered in the bookshop and listened attentively to the legend of the dream girders.

In ancient times, a child of an indian tribe had bose dreams every night. His mother was very worried about this and sought help from the old, wise spider woman. She showed her the secret of the dream girdle: she tied the eternal ring of life from willow branches, wove a spider’s web with a hole in the middle, and decorated the dream girdle with feathers.

The good dreams should find their way through the hole and reach the sleeping child by the hanging feathers. But the bad dreams were supposed to get tangled in the spider’s web and stick to it, to disappear forever with the first ray of sunlight in the morning.

The indian woman went back to her village with the dream girdle of the spider woman and hung up the decorated tire in her tipi. In the following night, your child slept more peacefully and deeply than it had in a long time, because no bad dream disturbed its sleep.

Since that time the indians keep the secret of the traumfanger. In keeping with the theme, the participants then created dreamcatchers. The children went to work with eagerness and a lot of imagination and proudly carried their dream girders home. Whether he helped with them is not known to the book team.


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