June 7, 2023

Ffw hofen confirms its chairman

The members of the fire department association in the rattelsdorf district have impressively expressed their confidence in their leadership team. At the annual general meeting at the endres inn, holger deuerling and his deputy michael derra were unanimously elected as chairman and vice chairman, respectively.

The re-elected chairman was visibly pleased by this vote: "we are a grown team that does not allow itself to be divided." The other members of the association leadership are heinrich muller (treasurer), stefan derra (secretary), christian pechmann, florian derra and thomas patzold (all assessors) as well as the newly elected treasurer daniel gubbacher.

In his annual report, holger deuerling announced that there would again be a johannis fire this year, with the fire department as organizer. Although the event was on the brink of collapse for a while last year, the lively attendance compensated the organizers for all the hassle, said the chairman of the 50-member association: "it was worth it for everyone." The same applies to the church fair, where the young generation around michael and florian derra is very committed to the village community. That the fire department sometimes "clears stones out of the way" when organizing the two big festivals for the village holger deuerling didn’t hide the fact that he had to. But that is worth it for the fire department as an important institution in the village: "we have a good team and good cohesion."

As far as traditional firefighting is concerned, commander heinrich muller had a message from district fire chief andreas schnapp with him: because the people of hofen have not taken a performance test for several years, it was time again. Alternatively, the fire department’s district leadership will probably get an impression of the fire department’s performance level elsewhere. No matter what happens, heinrich muller was optimistic: "we’re in pretty good shape."

The 17 active members of the fire department were called upon twice last year – during a heavy rain event in medlitz in may (because the fire department there was already called upon during an operation in speiersberg) and during the search for the cause of a smoke development in the daschendorf forest. The cause was quickly found: an unauthorized fire. Berthold kohler