June 7, 2023

Games fair e3 celebrates itself as usual with a lot of “bloodshed

games fair e3 celebrates itself as usual with a lot of 'bloodshed

The press conferences of sony and microsoft, which kicked off the event, were followed by a battle royale at the most important branch meeting in the USA. It’s hard to count the number of ways soldiers, knights and zombies are slain. Old-guard swords, much-used assault rifles – or tactical calculation in the fight against legions of undead – the imagination of the game developers seems to know no bounds.

Right at the beginning of microsofts presentation of the new game console xbox one roman legionaries caused a massacre. The software company presented the games that will run exclusively on the new console with a lot of noise and fuss. It should be a tingling feeling when you order the roman warrior marius titus to “attack”, and he actually storms off with his men. In the new console game “ryse: son of rome” for the new xbox one, the player can do this thanks to voice control, even without any knowledge of latin.

At sony, too, there is always bloodshed, for example when it comes to exclusive games for the new playstation 4. Whether the player saves the world in “the order: 1886” as a knight in a fantastic world in the victorian age, or whether he plunges the city of seattle into chaos with supernatural powers in the guise of delsin rowe in “infamous: second son. Microsoft counters with “battlefield 4,” “dead rising 3,” “killer instinct” and “sunset overdrive,” all of which feature impressive graphics. Both consoles to hit stores for christmas shopping this year. Microsoft spoke specifically of november.

"New generation", "new experience", "passion", "crossing borders" ? Hardly any of the game developers in los angeles got by without these terms. They did without shows with dancers, live music or other brimborium and relied entirely on the power of the screen. What do you need a show of sword fighters, if you already have them animated?

Microsoft had already announced its xbox one on 21. May, even before the start of the branch meeting, presented the xbox one and presented it as an entertainment device for the whole family. There it was about television, fitness, playing music. At E3, the company again jerked gamers into focus. Topics such as online compulsion, restrictions on used games, data security and possible monitoring by kinect did not play a role for the company in los angeles.

Sony, meanwhile, sent hamish pit from its own trade show launch with playstation 4. You know what gamers want, it said. It is expressly permitted to sell games on the flea market, lend them to friends or keep them forever, the company emphasized – obviously to the delight of fans who had come to the event. Cheers erupted at the los angeles memorial sports arena over this assurance.


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