June 7, 2023

Glasgow rangers crash into the fourth league

Glasgow rangers crash into the fourth league

The hope of the rangers to be in the 2… To be allowed to play in the league, the voting clubs thus nullified. 25 out of 30 clubs are said to have opposed it. It will take the scottish record champion at least three years to work his way back up into the highest scottish division. "Today’s decision was one of the most difficult for all concerned, but it was made in the interests of fairness, which is the basis of the scottish fubball association," said longmuir. The background for the deep crash is that the rangers, which were only taken over in june by a consortium around british charles green, are in debt to the tune of about 166 million euro. The 54-time scottish champions had become the roughest british fubball club ever to go into receivership in mid-february.

Green indicated that the rangers will accept the decision. "We like to play a good role in the third division and encourage our fans to support the other clubs in the league by coming to our games," he said, according to a release. "We are a fubball club and we just want to get back to playing fubball"."

Less than 500 spectators attended the games in the fourth division on average last season. Series champion glasgow rangers recently had an average attendance of more than 45,000 at its home games. Local rival celtic now has to do without the lucrative four derbies per season, which could have an impact on TV money.

Last week, the first division clubs had already voted that glasgow rangers should not be allowed to participate in the 12-club scottish premier league.


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