June 7, 2023

Grants for dsl

grants for dsl

"Today, more than ever, modern broadband connections are a key location factor. For the settlement of companies and thus for the creation of jobs, they are an important location factor. Those without a data highway are increasingly losing out. We need flat broadband coverage in the region if we want to remain a viable economic hub in the future. I am pleased that I succeeded in transmitting with the municipality wilhelmsthal as well as the market steinwiesen further municipalities in the region a positive demand notice of the federal ministry of transport for the necessary first important step of the consulting services necessary for the development in advance", announces member of the bundestag hans michelbach in a press release.
In michelbach’s view, it is particularly important not to focus solely on performance improvements in congested areas. "Above all, we must ensure that the countryside is not cut off from technical progress", closes his press release.


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