June 7, 2023

Heidi klum too sexy for los angeles

Heidi klum too sexy for los angeles

It’s not very nice to look at, but that doesn’t matter. The oversized advertising poster for the new season of the US casting show "project runway" has not been permitted, because there are too many naked people and heidi klum’s fuben on the poster. The picture is too "obszon" and "frivolous, it was stated in the explanatory memorandum.

Other than on the poster there is also a little dressed heidi klum to admire in this picture book. Store here

At least the supermodel is dressed in marie-antoinette-style except for a little legroom. Nevertheless, this is the second time in just a few days that the 40-year-old has upset the rather prudish americans with this advance. Because even the butt photo she tweeted from vacation didn’t go over so well in her adopted country.

With or without posters, the twelfth season of their young designer show will start in the USA in mid-july. Provided with underwear, klum and co want to. In short again with the city order office of L.A. Audition. Perhaps the "fashion reigns" campaign ("fashion reigns") will then also be allowed in the west of the USA, in new york it is already – unchanged – scaring the viewers.

And at least all californian heidi klum-fans already got the pleasure, because klum herself published the motive on her facebook-page. Your comment: "project runway designer! We need clothes for these people! Quickly!"


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