June 7, 2023

Herbert dresel vacates the chief chair again

Herbert dresel vacates the chief chair again

Herbert dresel, who had agreed to take over the position that had been vacant for years during the new elections in the summer, has now asked the board of the HEC to allow him to withdraw from his duties and the office.
"I can't manage to reconcile the extensive voluntary tasks in the association and the increased professional demands, which leads to a situation that I can't and don't want to accept for a long time, explained dresel, who was only able to present a detailed financial plan for a short time due to the multiple charges.

Temporary continuation
Because the position at the top of the association cannot be filled for the time being, as in previous years, the board of directors around the HEC founding father and long-time president axel rogner will take over together with the current board of directors and the prasidium for the time being provisionally and until the end of the season the leadership of the club business. "I respect herbert's decision and thank him for his time and commitment to the association", said rogner, who at the same time opened the door for dresel to become a member of the board of directors: "it would be a pity if he were to be completely lost to the club."
Due to the now changed situation in the board of directors and prasidium, the areas of responsibility in the management of the alligators will also be reorganized and the search for a man at the top will have to be started again.
HEC officials firmly reject speculation that dresel was asked to withdraw from the club. As well as the circulating rumors, according to which also the main sponsor of the alligators will withdraw: "there is really nothing at all to it – definitely", explained sports director jorg schobert on inquiry.


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