June 7, 2023

Hofmann criticizes “populist actionism” for a speed limit

Hofmann criticizes

There is neither a dispute nor uncertainty about who can implement the reintroduction of a speed limit on the A 73 near forchheim. "The bavarian minister of the interior is responsible for the introduction of speed limits on bavarian highways, michael hofmann (CSU), member of the state parliament forchheim, clarifies in a press release. At present, there is no reason for populist actionism.

Hofmann is also responding to a push by the greens in forchheim for more protection against lice along the autobahn. Hofmann outlines the development from his point of view. Initially, it had been said, environment minister thorsten glauber () had taken up the matter on his own authority. The latter had referred to the state minister for construction and transport, hans reichhart (CSU). Recently, the deputies sebastian korber (FDP) and ursula sowa (grune) had brought additional confusion into the game by speculating about the federal government's jurisdiction.

Hofmann continues: already in a press release from 7. February and an event on 24. He had a meeting with state minister reichhart in eggolsheim on marz to clarify the situation: the federal government is responsible for financing the highways. The planning and expansion of highways is the responsibility of the state of bavaria. The state minister reichhart's ministry of construction is responsible for this, and the northern bavaria freeway authority is responsible for the district of forchheim. So, for example, the application of fluster asphalt, the construction of larmschutzwanden and -wallen and the stretch expansion are carried out by the autobahndirektion. The ordering of roadside inspections, which also includes speed limits, is again the responsibility of the interior minister.

Hofmann makes clear that minister of state joachim herrmann (CSU) is naturally involved in the matter. Insinuations on the part of the greens were "absolutely baseless and pulled out of the hair".

Hofmann further reports that he is in a constant exchange with herrmann as well as with the northern bavaria freeway directorate. However, hofmann warns against patchwork. Because also in bammersdorf (market eggolsheim) there are meanwhile complaints about the alarm, which goes out from the freeway. Hofmann therefore calls for an overall concept along the A 73 motorway.

"My attitude is still: no two-class society!" However, the comparison made by the grunen between erlangen and forchheim is limping. There is partly no arm protection and also a higher traffic volume, which is why speed limits there are not easily transferred.

Hofmann, however, points to the stretch between furth-ronhof and erlangen-eltersdorf. There is no residential development recognizable in direct autobahn proximity. Nevertheless, there is a speed limit of 100 km/h there – even if there is no crash barrier. Therefore, he had asked the autobahndirektion nordbayern to tackle a comprehensive prufung of the larmschutzmabnahmen. This had also been promised to him by the autobahndirektion nordbayern. The process is already underway, according to hofmann.


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