June 7, 2023

Holocaust denier williamson: next trial in sight

Holocaust denier williamson: next trial in sight

Holocaust denier richard williamson has not been seen in germany for a long time. But that doesn’t stop the pugnacious former bishop of the pius brothers from bothering the german judiciary for years. The 73-year-old briton has been convicted three times in absentia in regensburg for incitement to hatred – and has appealed each time. Soon a bavarian court will have to deal with the case for the fifth time. The appeal against the verdict of the district court of 16. January has now been received, said a spokesman for the regional court of regensburg. A date can be expected within a few weeks.

Williamson had denied the existence of gas chambers and the murder of millions of jews in an interview recorded near regensburg for swedish television in november 2008. The case had gained additional explosiveness because the catholic church had almost simultaneously lifted the excommunication of williamson and other bishops of the ultraconservative pius brotherhood. Pope emeritus benedict VI. Was then under considerable pressure.

The pius brothers, who have come in for criticism, reacted last october. They excluded their former bishop from their community. The german judiciary, however, has its problems with a reappraisal of the case. Although the regional court of regensburg confirmed in the second instance a conviction for incitement of the people in the amount of 6500 euros (100 daily sentences of 65 euros each). However, last february the nurnberg higher regional court overturned the verdict on the grounds of procedural defects. After a revised penalty order, the district court again sentenced the 73-year-old in what is now the fourth trial, but reduced the fine to 1,800 euros because of williamson’s lower income.

And no matter what the verdict of the next instance is, there is still no end in sight. The rehearsals were intended exclusively for swedish television, the defense of richard williamson justified the appeal. The fact that excerpts of the interview were later posted on the internet cannot be blamed on the british man. Neither in sweden nor in williamson’s home country are the statements punishable by law. In the event of a new conviction, it is even conceivable that the case could be referred to the federal constitutional court and the european court of human rights.


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