June 7, 2023

Humpback slope is being defused

Together with the member of the bundestag emmi zeulner (CSU), the member of the state parliament holger dremel (CSU) wants to campaign for the rapid implementation of the tree removal on the st 2281 in the konigsfeld area. The two politicians made this clear during a site visit with the mayor, gisela hofmann, the municipal council and interested konigsfelde residents.

It is about the section between the junction tiefenellern and laibaros. "The road in this area is in a very bad condition and is much too narrow. Therefore, in my opinion, urgent action is needed. Especially since the village of laibaros is due to be renovated this year anyway, and a road closure is planned along with it. A drafty implementation of the mabnahme at the st. 2281 the burghers in the affected area were thus spared another trench closure", mdl dremel emphasizes in a press release.

"Strengthening infrastructure in rural areas is essential for local residents and entrepreneurs. Only if there is a good transport connection in addition to a fiber optic connection, mobile communications and social infrastructure, will the jurassic communities be well positioned for the future. That's why we're lobbying for additional funding from the state of bavaria to improve the st. 2281 quickly renew. We are also fulfilling a promise made by the bavarian government in the past. "