June 7, 2023

Ice cold experiences

ice cold experiences

"Walking barefoot is normal." This says yvonne dikomey from kleinsendelbach, who offered the first winter-barfubwanderung over the tourist-info gobweinstein after the success of the first barfubwanderung in the summer now. It’s actually hard to believe that 17 participants made their way up to the kreuzberg with dikomey in order to quickly renew ice-cold experiences on the fuben.

There was no snow on the weekend, but the temperatures were already wintery. Yvonne dikomey is a trained hiking guide with the french-swiss association and what could be more natural than to offer unusual hiking tours?. But how does one get the idea to hike barfub, and that too in winter ? It’s simple, says dikomey, who was allowed to walk barefoot as often as she wanted when she was a village girl – and she did so.

Barfub through the mud

It actually started again a few years ago, when she walked 300 kilometers in flip-flops across the allgau region. When she took off her flip-flops in a narrow gorge, it was raining very hard and a sign advised: "in the rain, only wear sturdy shoes".

But she didn’t have them with her, so she took off her flip flops and walked through the mud with her bare feet. "That was just cool", says dikomey, which then always oftenters on the shoes renounced during their hikes. Because barefoot running just felt good.

"Much more grippy than shoes"

At some point she wanted to know more precisely what was behind it, and so she studied the anatomy and physiology of the human foot. And found out that it is not normal for a human being to wear shoes. Because it was not born for this purpose. "Bare feet are much more grippy than shoes in the country, barefoot running clears the mind and hardens the body. You really learn to see with your feet, and barefoot walking is healthy because it positively influences the entire body posture and activates muscles that are otherwise not used. That’s why you can get sore muscles in your feet after a barfub tour."

Barfublaufen helps but also against stress and depression, says dikomey, and it is "a kneippkur for the fube, only without water". But barefoot running is also said to help against insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation, against exhaustion, anxiety, premature aging and against diseases of civilization.

Tip: take shoes with you

However, according to dikomey you should not overdo it in the beginning. So she advised to always take shoes with you when you go hiking, because you should also enjoy the whole thing. "The fube have to get used to it, and in the beginning less is often more. You yourselves are the mabstab", advice to participants of the barfub hike.

Barfub walking in winter also has a much better kneipp effect than in summer. Nobody has to be afraid that he will get frostbite on his fists, because the walk is done in stages. That’s why you should have warm wool socks with you, so that the fub heater can work well between the sections. But everyone has to listen to their body to realize when it’s enough with the barefoot running.

Also contain theory

Theoretical basics of barefoot walking are as much a part of the hike as practical exercises in perception. In addition, a varied route with many vantage points, from which one has a magnificent view of gobweinstein from different directions. The barfub hike, which is offered through the tourist information office in gobweinstein, takes two and a half hours with a few breaks. A mobile barfub path is currently being developed. This will be used in indoor workshops, presentations and lectures, but will also be available for loan.


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