June 7, 2023

In suff he quickly reaches for the knife

The court also ordered the defendant, who is addicted to alcohol and drugs, to be placed in a psychiatric hospital for therapy because of his addiction-related aggressiveness.
When the 27-year-old spoke "man to man", he was not the only one for necessary stop, then he renounces words and fisticuffs and uses his knife. Knives play a role in most of his previous convictions. Under alcohol and drugs this disgraceful, inconspicuous man is "highly dangerous", so the jury and the presiding judge lothar schmitt dared a prognosis. If the man breaks the chance of therapy again, the next hearing will be about psychiatry on a permanent basis or preventive detention.
After the knife attack, the victim was able to drag himself from the park to the entrance of the wurzburg student house, where he was found by passers-by. Shortly afterwards, he was already on the operating table of a university hospital as an emergency case. If the man had collapsed under a bush in the dark park, the court found, his chances of survival had been zero.

Victim drowned shortly afterwards

The 33-year-old nevertheless died a few weeks after being discharged from hospital during a drinking binge on the main river. He jumped into the water, sank and never resurfaced. He had asked a female companion to get more alcohol for the party shortly before closing time in a supermarket on the other side of the main near veitshochheim. In order to shorten the trip, the woman swam to the other shore to do her shopping, but on the way back, presumably because of the bottles, she "fell asleep" and called for help. Trying to help, the 33-year-old drowned.
There was no doubt in the court's mind that there was attempted manslaughter. The defendant himself had announced to his friends that he would "stab" the opponent become. His adversary was surprised by the attack, and no defensive injury was found on him. Anyone who rams a knife into another person's stomach three times, the judges say, is taking fatal injuries into account.
The defendant thanked the court for the chance of renewed therapy and immediately accepted the sentence. The public prosecutor's office also waived appeal.