June 7, 2023

It’s about more than paying attention

It's about more than paying attention

Christiane reuther the caritas elementary school afternoon care program in zeil celebrated a special summer party in the caritas garden on wednesday evening. The facility has existed for 20 years. With commitment and a lot of love for the children, the employees offer childcare and help the boys and girls with their homework. A colorful program, attended by 300 guests of all ages, and a knowledge show rounded off the festivities.

The historical beginnings were reflected by dietmar herrnleben from the caritasverein, the sponsor of the lunchtime care program. In september 1999, there were eight children in the first group, who were housed in the janitor’s apartment in the former marienschule. Zeil offered the first elementary school afternoon care in the habberge district.

20 years ago, there were already 20 children in october. And in the coming year 2020, there will be well over 80 boys and girls. Herrnleben was proud of the "network for children" that was set up at that time.

He went into the spatial and conceptual further development, which required a second and in the meantime also a third group. The children of the sun, moon and star group opened the festivities with a belly dance under the direction of riccarda klauer.

Herrnleben described lunchtime supervision as an important contribution to social peace in zeil. It was then, as it is now, a heavy financial burden for the municipality and a heavy workload for the volunteers.

Susanne langer, head of the after-school care program and, along with maria reinwand, the first homework helper, remembers the early days very well. Building blocks, inherited from the catholic kindergarten, were as popular then as they are now in the specially equipped "construction room" been. The ministry of education’s requirement of a "child- and family-friendly half-day school" was a challenge according to the director, the starting point for the lunchtime supervision in zeil was to strive for a more efficient use of resources.

Langer took up the words of daniela von hippel (caritasverein), who said in her speech 20 years ago: "lunchtime supervision is not just about looking after the children. The children are taught to play with others, to be creative and to behave positively." This is the spirit in which a team of ten employees, two freelancers, voluntary homework helpers, including three young language guides and reading moms, has been working successfully for 20 years. Langer thanked all former and present companions from politics, schools and churches as well as the volunteers with a present.

Donation handed over

The commitment of the homework helpers has been supported for years by the rotary club habfurt. President andreas linder presented a certificate to two young language guides and a donation of 800 euros to susanne langer.

Zeil’s mayor, thomas stadelmann, thanked those responsible for the first hour, who in his opinion acted with foresight. He expressed his special thanks to susanne langer, who has been behind the successful model with great enthusiasm and commitment from the very beginning.

It was thanks to her that science journalist sascha ott from "physikanten& was invited as a surprise guest co" presented the latest developments from the world of science to children in an entertaining way with a spectacular science show.


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