June 7, 2023

Kitzingen rowers in a celebratory mood

The summer party of the kitzingen rowing club took place in wonderful weather. Accompanied by the local combo "just for fun", in which one of the rowers plays bass, the members of the club celebrated in a boisterous mood, as it says in a press release.

This year, chairman dieter von der kall used the festive address for special honors.

Honored for at least 25 years of membership: herbert wiedemer (27 years), angelika kummel, gudrun rentsch, florian and tobias bock (26 years each) as well as dirk menche, brigitte, bernd and christian loffler (25 years each). Karin bock, who joined the KRV as a young girl through her father and rowed actively herself, was a multiple bavarian champion and winner of many regattas, and was involved in the education and training of many rowers who are still active today. Karin bock is still an active rower today. Hans metzger was also active in an honorary capacity for many years – most recently in the transitional phase as boat keeper. But metzger is and was also available outside of all official positions when help was needed. Thomas steinruck, the last 50, came to rowing more by chance: he was eloquently asked to drop in and had stuck around. After being a passive member of the club for a while, thomas steinruck became an active rower again in time for the ceremony. Until late in the evening, the guests listened to the sounds of "just for fun" and enjoyed food and drinks.