June 7, 2023

Kulmbach university campus: the start must be postponed?

kulmbach university campus: the start must be postponed?

The university campus is on the right track, but still has some hurdles to overcome. As the dean of the foundation, stephan clemens, explains, the recruitment of students for the "food quality and safety" course is underway at an international level for just under four weeks. Between 20 and 30 students are expected to start at the kulmbach campus, which is part of the university of bayreuth, in the fall, and the same number of employees will be on the staff.

It is very gratifying that in kai purnhagen a man with international experience has been recruited: "he is a proven expert in food law throughout europe. We could hardly have wished for anyone better." Two further calls to professors have already been issued, as clemens explains. An expert in artificial intelligence is to be brought in for the digital health professorship, who is currently still advising the british government on how to deal with the corona crisis. Candidate for junior professorship public health nutrition is a psychologist who is doing research in cambridge on how to build helpful apps for health advocacy.

More staff

In addition, pia kaul and heike biehl were recruited as study program coordinators. Pia kaul has a doctorate in biology and is returning to her hometown from coburg university. Elke biehl brings with her a wealth of experience from her work at an accreditation agency. Assistant silke kampfer-hauck completes the team.

Stephan clemens is currently concerned about the lack of the necessary space. Already in june the first professors arrive. They and their employees needed offices. The administration villa of the old spinning mill – where the nucleus of the campus has its offices – is currently home to other tenants. The "real estate bavaria" (IMBY) explores the market in kulmbach, but that takes too long for the dean.

Crisis causes delays

Construction work on the second floor of the spinning mill is progressing more slowly due to the lack of construction workers from hungary as a result of the corona crisis. There are plans for a small library and also a food bank. And on the top floor of the shopping center "fritz" negotiations between imby and the landlord are not yet ready. For the start of the semester, there are currently no rooms available for the foreseeable future.

The red cross has offered the university to use rooms – and the city also wants to make some available – but clemens says: "these are all provisional measures. What we need are permanent jobs." If all the strings rubbed together, a postponement of the start by one semester would also be possible. This would not be a catastrophe, says the university – but so far they still want to start somehow on point. 


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