June 7, 2023

List “citizens for stockheim” wants to create an additional offer

List 'citizens for stockheim' wants to create an additional offer

In the mining community of stockheim, the municipal elections on 15. Marz 2020 probably also a candidate list of an independent wahlergruppe to the election stand. The independent electoral group "citizens for stockheim was launched on friday at the country inn detsch in haig by eleven eligible voters. Daniel wachter, who was elected by the electoral group as spokesman and who also issued the invitation to the general meeting, was extremely pleased with the harmonious outcome of the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, mr. Wachter had explained why he had founded the electoral group "burger fur stockheim" wants to launch. For weeks, talks had been held with burgers. According to wachter, these elections showed that stockheim needed a breath of fresh air in the municipal council. So far, only members over 30 years of age have served on the committee. Only one is also younger than 40. Thus the young generation is not represented, emphasized wachter.

Independent since 2015

42-year-old daniel wachter from neukenroth has been a council member for 18 years, 15 of them in the CSU faction, and has been independent since 2015. Therefore, one of the main tasks in the coming weeks will be to appeal to young people in particular and to motivate them for local politics.

Wachter was able to introduce two more experienced local councillors as fellow campaigners: edmund sprenger from neukenroth (he was a local councillor for 23 years) and renald steger (local councillor for 14 years). Thus sufficient local-political know-how is present, meant wachter. Currently, there are only two lists, the CSU and the free voters. There were only 40 candidates for 20 mandates. Therefore wachter called another offer without party-political, ideological strategy logical.

During the debate, other members, such as edmund sprenger, who had actually retired from local politics, also had their say. He had experienced an absolute majority in the committee years ago, this was not good. A good approach of the new grouping is to motivate especially young people for local politics. We have many young, capable people who already show voluntary commitment to their home town in clubs and associations. It is also important to win these for the municipal council.

Wachter named a core staff of 16 interested comrades-in-arms. Of these, 14 had agreed to stand for election to the municipal council. After the foundation had taken place and heiko buckreus from hablach and felix schwabe from stockheim had been elected as deputy spokespersons, daniel wachter announced the next steps and appointments.

Nomination meeting

The nomination meeting will therefore take place on sunday, 5. January, at 4 p.M. At the fillweber inn in neukenroth. After submitting the election proposal until 3. February 80 signatures of support necessary. Wachter is already confident that he will be able to put together a good team from various professional groups and with six candidates who are younger than 30.


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