June 7, 2023

Long live the sport!

Long live the sport!

Granted, the year 2022 is still quite far away. But due to the current situation, we have no choice but to take a look into the future. The sparrows have been tweeting it from the rooftops for a long time, and the NSA (the americans know everything now) had also revealed sooner or later that it gets 50 degrees hot in the summer in the western state of qatar (you can also say qatar). So FIFA-boss sepp blatter had to put his foot down: the fubball world cup 2022 at the sheikhs will be played in winter. Basta!

He should have spoken to our fubball emperor before the world cup was awarded. Franz "konfuzius" beckenbauer always knew it: "seids narrisch? There can be no spuin in summer." Well, let’s make a winter world championship. Sports officials are creative when there is money to be made somewhere.

Nobody thinks about us sitting in front of the TV when we prefer to watch biathlon and ice hockey in january. We are arguing (what should we watch in summer 2022?)?) and we are sure that the time will come when they will build ski jumps in the desert or play beach volleyball on mount everest. Or put into practice the brilliant idea of a beer drinker from kulmbach ("zunftstube"), who suggested 20 years ago after the seventh seidla to open a ski school for blind people on hawaii.


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