June 7, 2023

May makes summer look like summer

May makes summer look like summer

Shorts, T-shirts and sandals are the most popular clothing for many people on the last weekend in may. Deep "wilma" drove up temperatures in germany.

Many took advantage of the warm summer weather for outdoor recreation. In the new week it is supposed to get up to 33 degrees celsius. However, the german weather service (DWD) did not expect new heat records for the season: "such high temperatures are not uncommon for the end of may," said DWD meteorologist jacqueline kernn on saturday.

The trees, which were native to germany in the 17.000 participants in the biggest european cross country race, the 46. Rennsteig race in thuringia. Coolness for runners and hikers came from garden hoses, among other things. At 17. Japan day in dusseldorf colorful costumed cosplayers performed – and sumo wrestlers competed against each other in the open air.

Those looking for cooling found it on the zugspitze peak. On germany’s highest peak, temperatures barely climbed above 5 degrees even at midday. For the end of may, it was still quite summery at a height of 2962 meters, said the local DWD meteorologist. Still, a may record is a long way off. "We had it on the 30th. May 1979. At that time, 14.8 degrees were measured up here."

More unusual for this time of year, however, was the distant view that excursionists enjoyed on saturday on the zugspitze: the view stretched 130 kilometers. "In summer, we often only have a visibility of 30 to 60 kilometers because of the usual seasonal haze," explained the weather observer.

The further outlook: after the storms of the past few days with flooding and hail, the danger of thunderstorms is increasing again. In bad elster in saxony, 150 liters of rain fell per square meter within twelve hours on thursday; the fire department and technical relief organization were called out to hundreds of operations. Situation in vogtland returned to normal on friday.

According to meteorologist kernn, humid air will flow into germany from sunday evening onwards. It may lead to heavy showers and thunderstorms first in the southwest and then in the north and east of germany during the coming week. The rain is necessary mainly in the north and northeast: "in places less than 10 percent of the normal amount of rain fell in may."

In northeastern lower saxony, for example, the risk of forest fires had increased enormously due to the drought. For large areas of the country the danger index of the DWD showed the highest warning level 5 on saturday. Plants and soil are severely dehydrated, state forests had warned. The forest fire center in luneburg has been staffed again since mid march – this is where images and data from the 20 forest fire monitoring cameras in lower saxony come together.

But the heat did not bother the robinias in brandenburg much. Foresters, beekeepers and gardeners have reported a record-breaking bloom of the. Century trees native to germany, the ministry of forestry announced on saturday. The tree, which originates from north america and is also called acacia, copes very well with the sandy marrowy soil and the climatic conditions. Bees gather nectar in the bleeds and produce the coveted acacia honey.


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