June 7, 2023

Not even the occident wants to go down

Not even the occident wants to go down

In this country, people like to fear at the highest level, and if nothing else helps, the future has to be used as a spectre. It can only go downhill. It is no coincidence that the christmas season in germany is known as a time of social and emotional upheaval.

Downfall. In 1918, the philosopher oswald spengler was already walking along this path toward the downfall of the western world. His popular work, written under the influence of the first world war, is controversial today because his cultural pessimism became part of the ground for the rise of the national socialists. In this respect, spengler called for the demise he predicted to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Pure luck that the world did not end in 1945 either.

It speaks to the german capacity for destructive irony that an oscarnominated film about hitler's last days is called "der untergang" heiben had to. As if one had to mourn what went down there. With such yardsticks, the downfall of the entire world, allegedly predicted by the defunct empire of the maya, naturally falls away, especially since it fell extremely awkwardly into the pre-christmas season. But good. Our beautiful little world did not perish in the end after all. The christmas tree stands and shines, the packages tower up. As always.

Downfall creeping

The fixation on 21.12.2012 all too easily distracts from the demise of the world as we know it. Because it is taking place, not as a catastrophic event, but insidiously, hardly noticeable. Overpopulation and climate change, energy waste and environmental pollution, factory farming and exploitation of man and nature … The world into which the child was born in his manger is not just a pleasant place 2000 years later.

Jesus was a refugee, a social case, at the bottom of the poverty report. And yet he never spoke of doom, but of a future without fear. The future sometimes takes longer, but this message is as poignant today as it was 2000 years ago.


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