June 7, 2023

Police union: limit the number of rental e-scooters

Police union: limit the number of rental e-scooters

The german police union (dpolg) is in favor of limiting the number of rental e-tretrollers. Dpolg chief rainer wendt told the "neue osnabrucker zeitung" that those responsible in the countries should create strict conditions for the licensing of rental companies.

One month after the vehicles were registered, it became clear that the elderly, the visually impaired, the disabled and children in particular were exposed to incalculable dangers when crossing roads.

Many riders are still unsure how to operate the e-scooters, which are also known as e-scooters; this is another reason why accidents keep happening. "In addition, a large number of scooter riders don’t follow the rules and still ride on burgersteige, roll in pairs or ride under the influence of alcohol," criticized wendt. Compulsory helmet use is "hardly conceivable, because it’s mostly tourists who use these vehicles".

Electric scooters have been registered in germany for just over a month now. Since then, providers in several cities have been offering the small vehicles for hire.

Wendt called on federal transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) to "reconsider the legal situation". It is "a fatal division of labor when the federal legislature creates such possibilities, but rolls off the consequences of this policy onto the police," wendt lamented. They controlled within the bounds of their possibilities. However, the officials could only take limited notice, as they were already busy with other tasks.

The police union (gdp), which competes with the dpolg, had already voiced similar concerns. "The necessary additional controls will end up for the most part with the police. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if police traffic monitoring hadn’t been cut out years ago," explained gdp traffic expert and deputy federal chairman michael mertens.

Two e-scooter riders injured within nine hours in colonia. One of the two suffered serious head injuries when he fell on a flight of stairs, according to the coln police. According to the report, the 36-year-old was riding a rental scooter. Also on thursday, the user (34) of a rental scooter collided with a car while changing lanes and suffered minor injuries.

On friday night, police also stopped an e-scooter driver (22) who was driving the borrowed scooter in a serpentine manner – with a blood alcohol level of more than two percent. He had to hand in his driver’s license. Against 4.00 o’clock in the morning, officers finally discovered a 21-year-old man on the road on an electric scooter with a blood alcohol level of 1.4 per mille.


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