June 7, 2023

Pregnant woman on usedom killed out of lust for murder – trial begins

Pregnant woman on usedom killed out of lust for murder - trial begins

In the middle of march maria K. Brutally murdered from zinnowitz – from tuesday on, a 19- and a 21-year-old man have to answer for it before the district court of stralsund.

The prosecution accuses them of killing the pregnant 18-year-old in an insidious and murderous manner. They wanted to see a human being die, as the court had ordered. The two men had arranged to meet and had chosen exactly this victim.

In mary’s apartment, the 19-year-old stabbed the young woman in the neck and neck from behind, according to the accusers. He then sat on the woman lying on the ground and stabbed her numerous times in the head and neck area. The 21-year-old had held the woman’s legs and thus participated in the crime.

The two germans from zinnowitz and a neighboring town had left maria behind after the crime and continued to stay in the region. One month later they were arrested after an intensive manhunt. The murder weapon has disappeared to this day. The men may have thrown their clothes and the knife into the baltic sea.

In the investigation detention both manner had been questioned several times and had incriminated themselves mutually, it further hieb. The 19-year-old admitted to having stabbed the man. Overall, however, both statements are not yet congruent, it was said by the public prosecutor’s office.

The crime had caused consternation on usedom. At the beginning of april, about 70 people came to a memorial service in the church in zinnowitz. Pastor christa heinze spoke of stunnedness, helplessness and powerlessness in the face of violence.

The adult defendant faces life imprisonment for murder according to the regional court. According to the court, the younger man’s culpability for the crime was reduced due to his alcoholism and a psychiatric illness. He is housed in a psychiatric clinic, the alleged accomplice is in custody under investigation.

According to the court, in the case of a conviction for murder, the younger man would face several possible punishments. In the case of the application of juvenile criminal law, he faces a juvenile sentence of up to ten years. If the particular gravity of the guilt is established, the prison term could be extended to 15 years. However, there is also the possibility of placement in a psychiatric hospital.


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