June 7, 2023

Rugendorf unimog has to go back into the workshop again

Rugendorf unimog has to go back into the workshop again

By the end of this week, it will be back in the workshop, but will be replaced by a municipal tractor, which the building yard has available as a test vehicle until friday. The winter service is therefore secured, stated mayor ralf holzmann on monday in the municipal council. Nevertheless, elisabeth schmidt-hofmann criticized the mayor, because the repair was needed two weeks ago.

Last year gear damage

The workshop had assured that the unimog would be ready on friday, holzmann defended himself. He had in any case wanted the decision of the municipal council first for the new repair, because for the repair of the gearbox for 6000 euros, which he had arranged a year ago, he had been approached by all means.

The fact that the vehicle is to be repaired immediately was not disputed by the municipal council. One wanted to sell it however again and set by another, crystallized itself with the back and forth of the arguments out.

Springs are being rehabilitated

For the expert planning and supervision of the upcoming rehabilitation of the four rugendorf springs and the collecting tanks, the community council awarded the contract to the planning office IBP. Of three bidders, the kulmbach office had submitted the most economical bid. The fee will depend on the amount of the total investment.

What has to be done in concrete terms, however, will only become clear when the sources, pipelines and water holders are examined. In any case, the council does not want to award a blanket contract, but to proceed step by step in order to keep the costs well under control, since they have to be passed on to the water price.

First, it was decided, the municipal council will arrange a site visit together with the planning office.

Taxes remain the same

The council decided that the rates for property tax and trade tax will remain the same, even though they are below the state average for comparable municipalities. For second mayor fritz rosch, the answer to this item on the agenda was clear: rugendorf is not a consolidating municipality and therefore does not have to adjust its levy rates to the national average. Thus the property tax rate in rugendorf remains at 330, the trade tax rate at 310 points.

In particular, income from trade tax is currently bubbling up in rugendorf: it was 334,000 euros in 2017. For 2018, 1.153 million euros are expected. However, the budget for 2018 has not yet been settled.

The municipal council has approved the extension of the company building of kotte und zeller in the industrial area. The extension of about 28 by 39 meters will extend to the boundary of the company’s property. In order to maintain the prescribed distance, the municipality, as the owner of the adjacent land, has formally agreed to take over the area; a purchase or sale of the area has not yet been concluded between the company and the municipality.


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