June 7, 2023

School number four follows in nepal

School number four follows in nepal

And again alberto parmigiani is back from a trip to nepal. And again he has news in the pack. The committed man from herzogenaurach, who has been helping people in the villages of the himalayas since the earthquake in nepal, has his sights set on building another school. Three such schools have already been built, and the fourth is to follow this year. And he already has a fifth project in mind, for which he will contribute a sum.

Parmigiani has taken advantage of his visit to nepal to visit one of the last projects. This is a treatment plant for drinking water at a school. And for the construction of the fourth school, he has been busy in the authorities. This building for 156 children is to be constructed in the village of lothar in the district of rapti in the region of makawanpur chitwan. In the same region, alberto’s aid organization "son of light" has – he is one of three founders – already built the third school and carried out the water project at another one.

"I contacted the politicians early on for the new project", says alberto to school four. "We get the approval." He has learned from past experience, because he had to forego another school project because the building permit there was linked to demands for bribes (the FT reported). But that is out of the question for him: "no one should hold out their hand."

Space for 156 children

The new school will cost 35,000 euros, have eight rooms and provide space for 106 boys and 50 girls. For the fifth school, "son of light" wants to build a water treatment plant contribute the shell. This will cost another 16,000 euros. The rest is taken care of by the rotary club and the ecca organization, as reported by herzogenaurach.

Alberto considers the financing of both projects to be secure. On the one hand, he still has money left over from previous fundraising campaigns, and on the other hand, he is counting on the fifth edition of "rock fur nepal", which takes place on the day before fronleichnam on the herzogenaurach market square. Last year, he won around ten thousand euros on the course.

But he still draws his donations from further actions. For example, the musician, who travels a lot with the sound bowl, has now discovered the hand pan. This melodious percussion instrument will be taken by parmigiani, originally a rock drummer, to the nurnberg fubganger zone next sunday.

Permit costs four euros

On several boards he informs about the results of the many donations in nepal. And he sells his CD, which he recently recorded with a handpan. The permit to perform as a street musician cost him four euros, as he notes. And he is also planning to perform at the herzogenaurach cultural festival in september, he can already assure us.

And when a lot of money has been collected, the fundraiser looks ahead to the third project still to come. There is an orphanage in the discussion, he announces. He has a big thank you for the many companies that have supported him over the years. He thanks them with their logo on the flyer for the "we rock for nepal" benefit concert on 19. June on the marketplace. The band "rocktide" will perform there, with parmigiani playing the drums, by the way her farewell concert.


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