June 7, 2023

Series evening on the couch: tips from the editorial office

Series evening on the couch: tips from the editorial office

The -redaktion has plunged into the world of series and collected streaming tips. Here is a compact selection at a glance:

Series tip: peaky blinders on netflix

England in 1919. The first world war is just over: in the british city of birmingham, center of the metal industry, a gang rules the streets – the "peaky blinders". It is led by several brothers of the family shelby. In the front line, tommy shelby, played by cillian murphy (inception, batman begins), has the say.

The rise of a small criminal family to a clan, paired with gripping story lines, such as organized betting fraud or communist uprisings, is definitely worthwhile. The "netflix"-series takes place on five seasons "peaky blinders" is my personal favorite! By tobias utz

Series tip: true detective – season 1

In 1995, detectives rust cohle and martin hart investigated a gruesome ritual murder of a prostitute in louisiana. 17 years later the case is reopened: how can it be that occult murders happen again, although the perpetrator was caught at that time?? The two investigators embark on a journey into the past that reveals to them the darkest corners and deepest abysses of their own history.

True detective" delivers against the gloomy landscape of louisiana a nerve-racking and unpredictable crime story, in the style of films like "seven or "the silence of the lammer. The story spans eight episodes and features a stellar cast with matthew mcconaughey and woody harrelson in the lead roles. My absolute favorite series! By andreas apetz

Watch true detective – season 1 now on sky ticket! Order true detective – season 1 as blu-ray now at amazon!

"Bates motel" – a series with a lot of suspense and addictive potential

Alfred hitchcock's film version of "psycho" is absolute cult. The film adaptation of the novel of the same name by robert bloch is a true film classic. Anyone who has seen the 1960 movie at some point will surely ask themselves sooner or later: how did this norman bates actually become such a psychopath who is obsessed with his own mother?? Exactly this "prehistory" the series "bates motel" tells the story. The plot of the series therefore takes place a few years before the events of "psycho a. However, the whole thing is set in modern times and begins with young norman bates moving to white pine bay in the u.S. State of oregon with his mother norma louise. At this point norman bates is 17 years old. The two of them open the "bates motel" together, in which also in "pyscho" some serial murders have taken place.

Although you know how the series must end when you see hitchcock's "psycho" has seen is "bates motel" extremely exciting. In a total of five seasons with ten episodes each, the viewer can expect a truly eerie psycho-study of serial killer norman bates. But not only the story of the series is convincing – also the acting performance of the main characters is outstanding. Freddie highmore, who also appeared in "good doctor", among others plays the strange teenager norman perfectly. And his counterpart vera farmiga, who plays norman's mother norma, is also brilliant all along the line. In my opinion the best series I have ever seen and completely underrated. By dunja neupert

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"Chernobyl – imprinting testimony of a human failure

It is considered to be the best series ever made – and rightly so! Chernobyl shows in an impressive way the failure of the government, which was in power in april 1986 and in the time after the reactor catastrophe. At that time, reactor 4 exploded in the ukrainian city of prypyat. The area is still radioactively contaminated today.

Chernobyl is not just a documentary in feature film form. The series shines above all in the way it is told. Already the first minutes of the first episode – altogether there are five of them – pull the viewer in immediately. The catastrophe has just happened. And immediately the question of "why" arises wide. Why did this nuclear power plant blow up?? How could this super disaster have happened?

Little by little the picture becomes clearer. From episode to episode, the puzzle that shows the sheer ignorance of the government of the soviets for the consequences is put together. It is an oppressive feeling that spreads when you learn the background of the accident. And yet you want to know more. HBO makes sure of that with its excellent teasers at the end of each episode.

The basic story chernobyl tells is well known. The details that the producers put in show the catastrophe impressively. Step by step the disaster is unraveled. It leaves you not only once perplexed sitting in front of the TV.

As a cinema and film fan, i wanted to convince myself of this "masterpiece" convince. And I must say: I was thrilled. I watched all five episodes in two days. The effect of the tracking shots, the narrative style and the answer to the "why" – i was not only emotionally gripped by chernobyl.

The mini-series produced by HBO was broadcast on sky in june 2019 and has since been available as video-on-demand on amazon prime*.

Haunted hill house: horror at its best

The netflix series "the haunting of hill house" (in german: "spuk in hill house") by director mike flanagan is a masterpiece of modern horror, which caused a furor in europe and the united states with the right mixture of atmospheric creepiness, jump scares and emotional power at the start of the series about one and a half years ago, but then disappeared from the picture plane much too quickly. Caution: not for the faint of heart!

"Haunted hill house based on the 1959 novel "the haunting of hill house" by shirley jackson and was created by netflix" horror wonder weapon mike flanegan modernized and revamped. A family of seven – mom, dad, five kids – experience a horror trip in the eponymous hill house that will define them forever. Many years later, the children are grown up, the mother died in hill house, the viewer looks at destroyed existences, each of them trying in their own way to come to terms with the horror they experienced. And what is the father hiding from the children?? He seems to be the only one who knows how his mother really died in hill house.

These events are told in flashbacks, the series alternates between time levels. Slowly the naked horror unfolds before the viewer's eyes, the past seems to catch up with the present, piece by piece one understands the connections and why one of these children is more broken than the other. "Hill house is terrible, in the best sense of the word. The series is scary and may have caused most viewers sleepless nights, but it is still so emotional that it brings tears to your eyes. It's very crude art. For me one of the best netflix series ever.

Watch haunted hill house now on netflix

Finally also in germany: the mandalorian

The long wait for star wars fans in germany has come to an end: finally we too can enjoy the first real-life action series in the star wars universe. "The mandalorian "* has been thrilling the internet for months, not only but also because of "baby yoda"

But first things first: the story of the series, which runs exclusively on disney+, takes place shortly after the events of endor – the second death star has been destroyed, the emperor is dead and his empire is in ruins. But that's just the edge of it, because "the mandalorian" is the does not revolve around the gross battles and dramas of space opera.

Stream the mandalorian on disney+

It's about a bounty hunter who is not named, but simply "mando" or the "mandalorian is. As a member of a secretly operating sect of displaced and hunted people, he himself pursues the profession of bounty hunter. He hunts people down for money – alive or dead. Until one day he gets an assignment that shakes him to his core.

The series manages to both evoke the classic star wars feel while also seeming new and fresh. Connoisseurs will enjoy the many allusions to classic western films or eastern classics a la kurosawa ("rashomon"), but that's not a must. The space-western feeling can grab everyone, not only cineastes.

The series runs exclusively on disney+. The streaming service is available in germany on 24. Marz started and costs 6.99 euros per month. For telecom customers who use magentatv*, the disney streaming service is free for the first 6 months. Besides "the mandalorian disney+ also offers all star wars films and series, as well as disney animated classics and many films from the marvel universe. By johannes gorz

*note: in the editorial department, we are always on the lookout for great offers and useful products for our readers – for things that inspire us ourselves and for little snaps that are too good to be left aside. The links provided in this article and marked with a shopping cart symbol or asterisk are so-called affiliate links/advertising links. If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, we will receive a commission from the merchant. Nothing will change for you in terms of price. Our editorial reporting is fundamentally independent of the existence or amount of a commission.


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