June 7, 2023

Six jobs in twelve hours

Six jobs in twelve hours

This is reported by thomas birkner from the press office of the district fire departments. It started in the morning with an urgent opening of an apartment for the rescue service. Forces of the herzogenaurach fire department were able to provide the rescue service personnel with access to a blocked apartment and thus make it possible to provide necessary medical care to the apartment owner.

The slogan: the fire department – a girl for everything – was confirmed during the second mission. Residents called the fire department for help because a sparrow had gotten lost in the cellar of a resident in herzogenaurach. The arriving team of the voluntary fire department of the city of herzogenaurach was able to escort the bird back into the open.

In a thunderstorm

A heavy thunderstorm set the fire brigade in motion in the afternoon. The fire alarm system in one of the town's industrial buildings had sounded an alarm. After a closer investigation, the all-clear was given: rainwater had penetrated the electronic fire alarm system and therefore triggered the alarm.

While this call was still being processed, two vehicles skidded almost simultaneously on a rain-soaked road and each ended up on the roof after being knocked over. While at the scene of the accident at the so-called "hammerbacher sinking the F herzogenaurach truck and their colleagues from hammerbach collected the spilled fuel and cleared the accident site, while the fire departments from munchaurach and falkendorf had to remove the traces of the accident on the road between munchaurach and dondorflein.

Finally, a cellar had to be cleared of water. In a residential building in herzogenaurach, a technical defect in a lifting system caused the surface of around 70 square meters to be five centimeters under water. With a water vacuum cleaner the damage could be removed.


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