June 7, 2023

Sony launches aggressive price war with playstation 4

Sony launches aggressive price war with playstation 4

This means that the console is around one hundred euros lower than the price of the xbox one, which microsoft had announced shortly before for a price of 499 euros from november onwards.

Sony will forego online authentication, as microsoft has planned for the xbox one – and thus secure the favor of many game fans.

The console does not need to be connected to the internet to play games, said john tretton, sony computer entertainment’s head of america on monday. "It won’t stop serving if the player hasn’t authenticated every 24 hours," tretton said. Microsoft’s plans to do so have come under fire from the gaming community and privacy advocates. The xbox one should only be usable for a limited time without a permanent internet connection.

Via the online connection, microsoft also wants to automatically detect whether a game was bought new or used. The company wants to leave it up to the game manufacturers to decide whether they want to allow the use of used software.

If not, the playing could be prevented. Sony wants to profit indirectly from this controversial point: with the playstation 4, used games could also be played without restriction, tretton emphasized.

With exclusive game titles like "the order 1886", "killzone", "second son", "driveclub" or "knack" sony wants to win over the fan community for the new console. In los angeles, the company got a first glimpse of the new machine. With its new design, the playstation 4 can also be placed flat or upright like its predecessor. However, sony did not disclose further technical details at first.

Sony relies heavily on in-house media content for playstation 4. Sony pictures will build a new movie offering exclusively for playstation 4, announced michael lynton, head of sony corporation and sony pictures entertainment. Sony pictures will do everything to make the new console a success. The console is expected to hit the shelves at christmas this year, probably at the same time as microsofts new xbox one.

In addition to exclusive movie material, the playstation 4 will also have access to TV content from netflix. The music service music unlimited with around 20 million songs and video unlimited are also available to users. Sony still wants to focus on games. First and foremost, all classes of gamers are to be addressed, emphasized andrew house from sony computer entertainment with regard to the competitor microsoft. He wants to establish the xbox one as a media center for the living room. This had already brought the company criticism from the gaming community.


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