June 7, 2023

Spd offers everyone to participate in local politics

"The future will not be mastered by those who cling to the past."With these words of willy brandt, the chairman of the local SPD association, michael putterich, opened the youngest meeting of the three local associations in the market pressig. With regard to the upcoming municipal elections, this means that the local SPD stands up for modern and progressive municipal politics. This must be characterized by active citizen participation and the comprehensive consideration of demographic change in all political fields of action.

Thus, it is important for the community to deal with the citizen in a spirit of partnership, but not to rule over him or her. In addition, municipal policy must be designed to be generationally appropriate and must not pit the younger, middle and older generations against each other. This equality in the implementation of community projects also applies to the individual districts. In short: the SPD market pressig will take up this future-oriented political approach and implement it in its election program.

In terms of personnel, the SPD is on the verge of concluding the search for candidates and is now asking women in particular to jump on the list train. In the spirit of active citizen participation, the local SPD association also offers non-members of the SPD a place on the list. This gives every democrat the opportunity to participate on an equal footing and thus also to have a say in his or her community.

For the SPD's election program, every candidate can also contribute his or her ideas and suggestions until the next meeting. The nomination conference was then scheduled for december.