June 7, 2023

Stationary speed cameras are coming

Stationary speed cameras are coming

That municipal councils repeatedly negotiate the same matter is not usually possible. Nevertheless, norbert grob (CSU) again submitted an application to have a stationary solar-powered speed measuring device installed on bamberger strabe. The facts had changed, emphasized grob.

Much too fast

Current speed measurements have shown that coming from azendorf in this area is driven much too fast. In april, 843 vehicles were driving at the speed limit of 50 km/h, while the measurements in november showed that only 428 vehicles were still doing so. 311 vehicles had 90 kilometers per hour and more on the speedometer, in april it was only 142. With these numbers, norbert grob saw the "changed conditions" as given.

Mayor bernd steinhauser (CSU) said that in general every request would be put on the agenda. The council then had to decide whether the changes that had occurred were so serious that the facts of the case should be discussed again. Irene ellner (CSU) did not hide her opinion that the issue should not be debated again. But the vote showed that only four councillors voted against revisiting the speed issue.

"I think that the conditions have not changed", said rainer macht (CSU). Nevertheless, he had voted for a treatment of the topic. "I think that if we are in favor of the measuring system, we should buy 15 of them. Goodwill won’t get you anywhere", declared rainer macht (CSU).

"I don’t see the very big danger in this area. If we put up the plant, we must also put up some in krumme fohre and azendorf. I think the mobile device we have now is sufficient", explained hans lauer (CSU).

After extensive discussion, eight councillors finally voted in favor of the purchase of a solar-powered, permanently installed system. Compared to the august vote, one councilor had apparently changed his mind.

For this reason, the administration will purchase such a speed measuring device for 3423.63 euros. The installation is carried out by the building yard. However, such a measuring system only shows the speed, it is not associated with penalties or fines.

New family home

The members of the kasendorf market town council had no objections to the building application for the demolition of the present at bamberger strabe 8 and the erection of a single-family dwelling on the same plot of land. The style of the house corresponds to the old building. Also the distances are as before.

Only a formality was the granting of a so-called permanent take-off and landing permit for motorized paragliders in lopp. Every four years the permission must be given. Also so far there is such a permit, no one has complained about a larvae load.

The church community of kasendorf receives a grant of 3000 euros for open work with children and young people. This is exactly the same as the contribution made in the previous year. Also with the subsidy of the associations everything remained this year the same.

The association subsidies were calculated according to youth work and number of members. Mayor bernd steinhauser (CSU) said that in the new term of office the subsidy could be reconsidered. The "our kasendorf" foundation has to pay out an amount of 210 euro.

This is to benefit the youth fire departments of peesten and kasendorf, the council decided unanimously. In addition, the burgerstiftung, which was unable to increase its assets, reached an agreement with the kasendorf YMCA and DT (deutsche stiftungstreuhand) that a theater group supported by the YMCA could be co-financed.


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