June 7, 2023

The bad bruckenau indoor arena is undergoing a transformation

The Bad Bruckenau indoor arena is undergoing a transformation

"The renovation of the wandelhalle has been on our agenda for a long time anyway. The starting point was first of all purely energetic aspects", says spa director andrea schallenkammer. In the course of intensive discussions within the state spa administration and with external experts, however, a "very rough step" was taken after the state of bavaria had also released the corresponding financial resources.

In earlier times, as the deputy director of the spa, titus tesar, explained at a press conference, the entire building was a completely open walkway. In the course of the remodeling in the 1970s, among other things, a "totally modern acoustic ceiling" was installed according to the ideas of the time built in with struts of wood, unfortunately much of the originality of the object has been lost when viewed today. In the future, the depth and the beauty of the building, which was already described in a newspaper article in 1950 as a "perfect solution", should be restored the focus of the project is more on the interior design described above.

Closely connected with nature

Among other things, there will be a return to a number of high glass towers with filigree mullioned windows on both sides of the hall. These can be opened completely according to the accordion principle and give the visitor the impression that he is directly connected with nature outside.

Schallenkammer even goes one step further. The new conception will contribute to the fact that the guest remembers again more on the original factors of a cure like nutrition, movement and relaxation. "The positive feeling of life and the atmosphere of departure of the 1950s, naturally with a glass of healing water in the hand, should come across well", emphasizes the spa director. On this occasion, she also asks for the support of the people of bad bruckenau. "Maybe some of the citizens can still provide us with pictures from that time, from which we can draw further ideas and which we can later present to the public in an attractive setting".

Clear lines with loving details

Speaking of presentation: in order not to take away anything of the breadth and attractiveness of the entire exhibition hall in the view of the observer, the previous section division will be omitted. Everything runs in a clear line, but without losing sight of the loving details. This includes, for example, a number of small fountains that are intended to bring the theme of water back to the foreground. The previously fixed buoy has already completely disappeared. It will be replaced at future events by mobile elements that can be placed individually as needed.

Only in the front entrance area the responsible persons fall back to a wind catching solution. And here follows another eye-catcher. "The new checkroom will be designed as an immediately eye-catching cube", explains bettina lange, who is responsible for marketing and public relations at the state spa administration. The element will not only be used to store clothes, but will also serve as a small information center. This additional function is made possible, among other things, by digitally recordable monitors.

At the moment, the wandelhalle at the state swimming pool is a huge construction site. The work, which is currently estimated at around 3.6 million marks, should be completed in around twelve months. All regular events will take place in the spa hall during this time, appropriate arrangements have long been made.

Kuhles wet from modern plant

The new water tapping point will be put into operation much more quickly, and has already been moved to its "former location" in the course of the overall inspection at the parking lot below the staircase from the bellevue was laid. "In about three weeks, the cold water from the familiar sources was allowed to "love" again in the modern facility, according to the spa director.

During the press conference, schallenkammer also addressed the growing rumor in the city and the public baths that "something very rough" was also being built in the immediate vicinity of the wandelhalle will arise. In order to protect the healing springs, the corresponding flat surface was only temporarily fixed by a specialist in order to create a stable surface for the construction vehicles and for the storage of the material. This is a temporary measure, everything will later be restored to its original state.


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