June 7, 2023

The bamberger subwood “comes of age

Eight years ago, in december, the first enjoyment certificates of the bamberger subholz-gesellschaft could be subscribed to. At the time it was completely unclear whether the subwood project would be a success. After most of the bamberger gardeners had laughed at the idea of cultivating sub wood in bamberg again after 40 years, the founders of the society were able to come up with a demand within the framework of the model project "urban horticulture" and the financial contribution of the subscribers to the profit-sharing certificates lay the foundation for the company’s current success.

Whoever knows the auand behind sub-timber cultivation knows why no grower has voluntarily cultivated sub-timber in the past 40 years. The plant takes four years to harvest. It must be nurtured and cared for, at least in the beginning. There is no really suitable equipment and machinery. The handwork is expensive and time consuming.

Subwood from asia costs a fraction of the price. All the reasons against growing in bamberg. The founders of the subholz society decided to try it anyway.

Today they know that the experiment was successful and are happy that "at least some of the inner-city garden areas are being put to good use again". The project is now somewhat self-supporting. The whole thing works, among other things, because a lot of heart and soul and volunteer work goes into the project.

But the important thing is that it can go on. The hot summer was not quite as good for the sub wood as it was for people. The plant tolerates the heat very well, but it grows much slower.

The shareholders have decided internally against the option of watering the two remaining sub wood fields. However, this leads to the fact that for the first time there will be no debris removal.

The shareholders have also decided to stop issuing profit participation certificates as of next year. Since the project is successful, not least thanks to the start-up financing provided by the profit-sharing certificates, there is little to be said against discontinuing the expenditure. The subscribers to the "genussschein" belong to the exclusive circle of almost 200 holders of the "genussschein" and can thus pride themselves on having made possible one of the most exciting projects of the state garden show in bamberg the shareholders emphasize.