June 7, 2023

The bumpy road will disappear

The bumpy road will disappear

This time it’s the community’s turn. Rehabilitation of the bumpy road between untersiemau and weibenbrunn am forst is expected to begin in mid to late september. At the council meeting on thursday in the school hall the construction works for the 570 meter long stretch were awarded, so that the scare of many drivers, which has been going on for years, will come to an end. The tendering company was awarded the contract for its offer of approximately 218000 euros.

Based on the individual items offered (low asphalt price), the rehabilitation will involve the complete removal of the bituminous layers and a complete reconstruction with a new base and surface course, explained engineer jurgen kittner. During the renovation – with full closure – the transverse joints that occur every five to six meters will be eliminated and, in addition, two house connections will be made in weibenbrunner strabe. This closes another construction gap in the community.

Numerous interested listeners came to hear about another item on the agenda. This concerned the suggestions and concerns about the change to the development and land use plan for the untersiemau town center. The amendment dealt with the de-designation of a section of hutstrabe as well as the construction of a multi-family house and the adapted planning of the senior citizens’ housing complex in the area of sophienstrabe. This involved the input of public interest groups and burghers. These were taken note of and partly also changed.

The points of criticism ranged from larvae pollution to obstruction of view due to the three-story construction of the senior citizens’ residential complex. One of the suggestions was that this building could be better located in the commercial area. Mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) closed the agenda item with the remark: "the community council has decided in favor of the community’s future." He hoped that no interests of burghers had been damaged with it.

Apartment becomes bookstore

The committee followed the recommendation of the committee for infrastructure, construction and environment (IBU) and agreed to a sketch plan by the architecture firm seiler (bamberg). This was concerned with the conversion of the premises of the former janitor’s apartment in the basement of the elementary and secondary school. After the construction work, the community bookstore will find its new home there. Above all, this should then be accessible at ground level, i.E. Barrier-free.

The costs are estimated at about 55000 euros plus planning costs. The main plan is to install a new entrance area with a vestibule. Two non-load-bearing walls are to be removed and the garage door is to be replaced by a window element. Thus, two rough rooms with a usable area of 50 square meters were created. In addition, there were two small rooms for storage purposes and a toilet. The mayor stated that the structural inspection could be carried out relatively quickly.


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