June 7, 2023

The konigsberg church congregations celebrated in ecumenical harmony

the konigsberg church congregations celebrated in ecumenical harmony

Gerold snater after last year’s break, the protestant and catholic parishes in konigsberg had again invited people to an ecumenical parish festival on the market square on sunday.

The festival began in the early afternoon with a joint family service under the motto "looking ahead"!", held by the protestant pastor peter hohlweg and the catholic community advisor markus fastenmeier.

This service, unlike previous years, was held in st. Mary’s church rather than outdoors in the marketplace due to the hot temperatures, and was well attended. Cooler seats in the shade of the town hall were on offer for the festivities that followed the service. The trombone choir entertained the many guests with pleasant music. The trombone choir, together with the saint joseph miniband and the ecumenical church choir, provided the music for the service. Well fed by the members of both church congregations, christians of both denominations sat together in ecumenical harmony for a few hours.


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