June 7, 2023

The kulmbach district office is a construction site

The kulmbach district office is a construction site

The area in front of the district administration office currently resembles a moonscape. The heaps of earth are towering, construction fences block access. The redesign of the entrance to the district authority is currently in full swing. But this is only the part that is visible to everyone from the road. Work is also being done on other fronts. The construction site has consequences not only for employees, but also for visitors to the district administration office.

According to rudiger kohler, the managing director, the citizens have already become accustomed to one thing: the temporary main entrance. The entrance is located on the left side of the building and is identical to the entrance to the vehicle registration office. Several signs show the way. "Initially, there were some searching burgers, but after the extensive signage, the public traffic is running", according to kohler. Even a barrier-free access is available via the garage courtyard.

But what is still to come in the next few weeks and months and will affect visitors is the partial relocation of offices. This is necessary because, in the course of the energetic renovation of the north and east facades, not only will a full thermal insulation be installed, but the windows will also be replaced. At present, as a preparation for this work, the side of the garage courtyard is already being filled with rubble, explains executive officer kohler.

When that’s done, the facade will be uncovered. It is expected that this will be the case from the week after next. After that the energetic renovation begins.

In the meantime, the rooms under the meeting hall, which serve as alternative offices, must be completed. The goal, according to rudiger kohler, is that the rooms will be available after the beer festival. At the moment the workers of the dry construction company erl from kulmbach are working there. But these offices are not only urgently needed during the construction period, kohler emphasizes. "We have an urgent need for space because, as an agency, we not only have new tasks, but also need individual rooms for confidential discussions."

Naturally, female kohler that the work brings burdens for employees – especially baularm. "That is why the demolition of the old staircase took place over the weekend." Additional dust walls should bring further relief.

Everything is expected to be ready by the end of the year. The chances of this happening are not bad at all. Kohler: "everything is on time and on budget."

The architect matthias schmidt from kulmbach is responsible for the contemporary design of the entrance area. Above all, the continuous, curtained glass facade, which replaces the natural stone facade, will be a real eye-catcher. "Especially when illuminated at night." The lower entrance area, 4.25 meters high, will be visually adapted.

Everything barrier-free

Another important point for the planner was accessibility. The existing ramp and steps will be eliminated, and an elevator will be installed in the interior of the building so that wheelchair users will be able to reach every level of the district administration office.

In addition, a flat area for exhibitions is planned on the first floor. The architect’s conclusion: "the reconstruction has given the district administration office a completely new character."

The 2.5 million euro project, for which grants of 1.3 million euro are expected, was also on the agenda of the county committee on monday afternoon.
Two contracts were awarded: the natural stone work to fliesen rohlich, wendelstein, at a bid price of 51,097 euros, and the work for the warm composite system to the painters’ company kamlowski, kulmbach, at 93,567 euros, which was below the cost estimate.


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