June 7, 2023

This is how it continues with first and jubilee communion as well as confirmation

The catholic pastoral area (SSB) frankenwald announces the new regulations for first communion, jubilee communion and confirmation 2020, which are necessary due to the corona crisis. According to the municipal secretary andreas roderer, the plans are as follows:

First communion: due to assessments that the corona crisis could last for weeks or even perhaps months, the officially set first communion dates were canceled. The first communion celebrations have been regulated in the SSB as follows:

Region of rennsteig: as soon as the situation allows, alternative dates for the first communion celebrations will be fixed.

Upper rodachtal region: as soon as the situation allows, replacement dates for the first communion celebrations will be determined.

Region oberer frankenwald (parishes and branches posseck, gifting, pressig, welitsch, rothenkirchen, fortschendorf, teuschnitz, tschirn, wickendorf and marienroth): parents can choose between two options: option 1 is to participate in one of the official first communion services in the coming year 2021. In option 2, the parents and their first communion child determine the date for a first communion in this year themselves (as for example with a baptism). In this way, everyone can decide for themselves to what extent they consider the situation to be safe and how much time is needed for pre-planning. First of all, it remains to be seen when sunday services will be possible again. Before the first communion, an appointment is made with the parents and the communion child and with the parish priest or the pastoral worker in charge. Here organizational points and also questions of content are addressed. A new purchase of a communion dress / suit is not necessary. It can also be used a communion album provided by the church.

Jubilee communion: all jubilee communion dates in the SSB frankenwald were initially cancelled. For the setting of new dates it is necessary to wait for further developments.

Confirmation: the two confirmations in the SSB frankenwald (saturday, 26. October, 10 a.M. In wallenfels and saturday, 10.October, 9 a.M. In teuschnitz) can take place from the current perspective. In the preparation of the company, the dates of the next period have been cancelled. The company will be kept informed of further developments.