June 7, 2023

Thw is happy about new helpers

Thw is happy about new helpers

Rough day for 23 new THW-helpers from the THW-regional area hof: with great commitment they had completed their basic training at the technical aid organization in the last months. On saturday they took part in the final examinations in order to obtain the operational qualification.

The contestants came from the local associations of kronach, bayreuth, kulmbach, hof, marktredwitz and weiden. Since the local association of kronach had the largest group with nine competitors, the city of lucas cranach was chosen as the venue for the tournament.

Never before had there been such a wide age range at a competition in kronach. The youngest participants were 17 years old and the oldest – david mackay from the kronach local association – 67 years old. The basic training is the first level of training in the THW and is completed with an examination that qualifies helpers to participate in THW operations. Only then are the task forces assigned to the units and specialist groups of the THW for further specialization.

30 tasks to accomplish

THW basic training lasts several months. In the very demanding final examination, the task was to prove what they had learned. After a comprehensive written examination, it was time for practice. About 30 practical tasks had to be completed at six stations. For example, the trainees had to make makeshift constructions out of wood, lift loads with various hoisting devices, or demonstrate skills in wood and stone processing.

Further examination tasks were the correct securing of an operation site, the operation of submersible pumps and power generators as well as the knowledge of dangerous goods transports and other dangers at the operation site. All participants were ready for action and disciplined. At about 3 p.M., it was finally done, and examination leader markus wanninger from the regional office in hof was pleased to present the certificates to all nine helpers from the kronach local association and to congratulate them on passing their final examinations. He certified the training officer of the local association, frank schuberth, an excellent training and preparation, so that all nine applicants could graduate with a very good result.

"In our time, the masses are no longer really interested in the well-being of their fellow human beings. The fact that you spend your free time helping other people is anything but self-evident and worthy of all honor", he praised the helpers. The uniform training of all helpers guarantees a nationwide deployability of all forces. "The basic training is therefore not only the first test, but also the most important one. With it as a basis, the career ladder in THW is open to you", he emphasized their importance.

Although the graduates have now mastered the basics, the "real" training begins learning in the respective specialist groups first. "You are responsible for the people you help, but also for your comrades and for yourselves. It is learning without end", he appealed to be aware of this gross responsibility.

The successful candidates of the kronach local association are: david mackay, henrik grebner, daniel muller, daniel karabuto, rainer kuntzel, leah geuther,sebastian steinert, benedikt nusshardt and lukas kessel.


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