June 7, 2023

Time is the most important gift hospice workers can give to the dying

time is the most important gift hospice workers can give to the dying

Model, media woman, presenter and mother: manuela thoma-adofo is all that and much more. As an author, she has written several thrillers and horror novels, but with her new book she touches people in a completely different way. "On the way that no one knows is the title under which she tells stories and experiences from over 20 years of voluntary hospice work in a sensitive, direct and always tongue-in-cheek manner. On tuesday evening, at the invitation of silke kress, the initiator of the kulmbach breast cancer self-help group, she gave a reading at the friedrich bookstore and touched her audience.

"I think it’s great that there are so many death care professionals here today.", the author was pleased. Kulmbach is blessed to have so many hospice helpers. "Every hospice worker gives the most important gift to the dying – time." Time spent by manuela thoma-adofo with strangers she has taken to her heart. "I started with a reading service at the retirement home", she remembered. The author struggled with the tears while reading her stories. Even her own mother-in-law accompanied her to the very last moment; it was through her that she first met her husband. "My patient tried to set us up and was successful."

Often still a taboo

Manuela thoma-adofo creates a humorous and hopeful look at a serious subject that is taboo for many. In this way, she gives the protagonists of her stories a dignified frame, sets them a small monument so that they will not be forgotten. The pragmatic and at the same time warm-hearted woman does not lose sight of herself and the many other hospice helpers. She works tirelessly for the good cause, promotes it, attracts attention. "Many people take two steps back when you come out as a hospice worker", she said "as if one could infect her with death." She always says: "there is no death on a corpse, there is only life gone"."

Markus ipta, family doctor, palliative physician and chairman of the kulmbach hospice association, was very taken with the book presented. "This will become standard reading for us", he promised and confirmed how important it is to take oneself back and recognize limits.


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