June 7, 2023

Two new solar parks on the a 70

Two new solar parks on the a 70

Scheblitz becomes grun. Not politically and not yet in terms of the weather. But energetic. In the city council, it was not a matter of choice. It will come in the fall, as it does everywhere else. And even the weather still showed its wintry side. It was about "grune energy. Two solar parks were the focus of the meeting, which was chaired by second mayor holger dremel for mayor kauper, who was ill. Both projects are located on the highway in the city area scheblitz.
The "solarpark strohwegfelder is located on the a70 on high wiesengiech, on the autobahn side toward bamberg. A nominal output of 1400 kilowatts peak (kwp) is expected on an area of 2.55 hectares. This could supply about 350 households with electricity. An annual yield of 1.4 million kilowatt hours (kwh) is forecast. The project is to be realized in two construction phases with 750 kwp each. As construction time one to two months are indicated. The costs amount to around one million euros (net).

Quite sensible

Heiko martin, owner of KMM, kommunal management martin in bad staffelstein, presented the project to the city council members present in the current planning phase on behalf of the building owners andreas depp and ulrich roth. It consists of two opposing expansion areas, each with a circumferential green area. Because of the parallel highway, the use of the land for a solar park makes sense.
In addition, a 110-KV line crosses the terrain, which further restricts possibilities of use.
At the planned site, the facility would not be perceived as storend. Around 35 percent of the surface was covered with solar modules 3.5 meters high. There was no gross earth movement taking place. Since the beams of the modules are driven into the ground, only a few foundations are necessary. For a length of 40 meters in the front area towards the freeway, a special approval is requested from the freeway management.

Preliminary draft adopted

The preliminary draft was unanimously approved by the city council. Since the costs of the change in the land use plan are borne by the developers, the motion for the change was also passed unanimously, as well as the early participation of the public and authorities.
The second plant in the special area "photovoltaic plant wiesengiech on the A70" is already further advanced in planning. Tobias semmler from the IVS engineering office in kronach was present to show the current state of affairs.
The project is located about 400 meters west of schulstrabe in wiesengiech and opposite the A70, in the direction of bamberg. It covers a flat of 0.6 hectares. The nominal power is given with 299,88 kwp. This means that around 75 households can be supplied with energy. An annual power generation of about 300 000 kwh is calculated. Construction is expected to take three to four weeks.
"There are no objections from the burghers", reported dremel. No comments, equivalent to no objections, were also received from the government of upper franconia, the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments, the farmers’ association, the bamberg office for digitalization, broadband and surveying, the office for rural development and the planning association of upper franconia west. Comments received were noted by the city council and will be included in the development plan.
A hedge originally planned below the transmission line as a compensation area was not recognized by the nature conservation department of the bamberg district office. An agreement with the building owner was reached separately. The developer planted 1000 square meters of flat field woods and shrubs on a plot of land south of the site. A planting list has been agreed, which will be incorporated into the development plan.

Expert opinion is being prepared

Although according to the planning office, no glare is to be expected from the plant for the street traffic and the residential buildings of the school street further away, an expert opinion on glare is being prepared. Without a vote against, the development plan was approved. As a result, the burghers will be informed in the coming newsletter "scheblitz" and the project will be presented to the public from the 9th of september. April will be open for public inspection at city hall for a month.


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