June 7, 2023

What is the future of the bamberg lagarde campus??

What is the future of the Bamberg lagarde campus??

Digital base center

Lagarde 1, the digital base center of IGZ bamberg gmbh, is to be a "lighthouse of digitization" which will offer innovative start-ups and companies with a digital business model flat offices, event and meeting rooms, project spaces and coworking areas on around 2000 square meters.

After structural problems in the past led to serious obstructions to tree removal and necessitated numerous rescheduling, work is now progressing well again. Since june, the new building has been clad in a striking gold-colored metal facade. In the old building area, the construction of the roof truss is to begin in november, so that here, too, the building of auben is increasingly taking shape.

The joint project between the city and the district is expected to be completed in the fall of 2021. At the symbolic laying of the foundation stone in july 2018, there was still talk of the end of 2019.

Cultural quarter

With regard to the future development of a "cultural quarter intensive coordination is currently taking place on the lagarde with the stakeholders involved to implement a possible operating concept. Cultural officer ulrike siebenhaar refers to the ongoing discussions.

According to the city council’s wishes, a three- to five-year laboratory situation was to be created in the former U.S. Post office hall – a cultural center in the initial stage "under the leadership of the cultural office". The former riding hall should become a multifunctional hall within the framework of the cultural quarter, between the halls is a square of the size of the maxplatz. The realization of this plan naturally depends to a large extent on which budget funds are available and when.

On the weibenburgstrabe, the cultural office has, on the initiative of "machbar e.V." Now a space in the "cosmos-east-house rented, sublet for cultural space use.

Cybercrime central office

Since october 2017, the central cybercrime unit of the bavarian judiciary (bamberg general public prosecutor’s office), the main prosecutor’s office for combating cybercrime, has been housed on the second and third floors of the former u.S. Headquarters. The investigations conducted from here contributed significantly to the arrest and conviction of a logopadist from wurzburg who had committed crimes against mentally handicapped youngsters. In addition to sexual offenses, many variants of online fraud and other complex crimes on the internet are also investigated here.

In september 2020, the globally networked authority was expanded once again and is now also home to the new center for combating child abuse on the internet. With eight prosecutors focusing on investigations, the aim is to "increase the pressure on offenders" from bamberg.

Housing mix

In a meeting of the finance and conversion senate, the notarized purchase agreement for the "lagarde 8" area was signed (north of the posthalle) approved with instone real estate. There is therefore nothing to prevent the work from being carried out as soon as possible, starting with the acceptance of the civil engineering work. Since the development plan is now legally valid, the necessary permits can also be formally issued. The draft proposal envisages a "residential mix of over 200 units" in front of.

Medical valley center

In their most recent meeting, the finance and conversion senates cleared the way for the new construction of the medical valley center bamberg on the lagarde campus. The economic demand had already identified the health care industry as an expandable future industry years ago. "That’s why it was our goal from the very beginning to use the lagarde campus to attract other companies and institutions in the healthcare sector, mayor andreas stark (SPD) has stated in this regard.

The bamberg social foundation is to take over the new building and the operation of the center. For the project, an 8,000 square meter building site is planned directly on berliner ring adjacent to the digital basic center. The largest area is to be occupied by an innovative care center of the bamberg social foundation with around 120 care places for dementia patients. New technologies and IT solutions for people in need of care, which are being developed by the center’s companies, will also be used here.

P&P residential project

In the existing buildings along zollner- and weibenburgstrabe, including the former US-PX (supermarket of the americans), the P&P group from furth is realizing a construction project with 288 residential units. Of this, 21 percent is social housing, which is allocated on a sliding scale according to income.

In the conversion senate, this project, which had stalled in the meantime, was repeatedly referred to as a "problem child" described. Now, however, the investor group’s plans have been resumed with a new architectural office. A first partial building application is being prepared and is to be submitted this year. Coordination on housing development issues with the government of upper franconia is also underway. The first trees are expected to be removed by the second quarter of 2021. The first residential units could be completed by the end of 2022.

Living and working

The area to the east of the former US-PX (construction phase lagarde 4) is to be developed partly with apartments, partly commercially. Last week, a jury recommended two designs for the negotiation process. According to conversion officer christian hinterstein, the investors are "renowned supraregional investors". Negotiations are underway with the selected investors on the further differentiation of the designs and on the economic framework conditions. Experience has shown that a period of three to six months can be expected for this purpose.

Housing volksbau

The volksbau gmbh bamberg project in the area of lagarde 15 and 16 started in june with civil engineering inspections. Building permit applications for the first 141 (of 396 planned) apartments are currently being processed by the administration. According to the current state of planning and development, the first residential units are expected to be completed in early 2022. According to volksbau’s project description, 20 percent of the planned apartments are for sale, 80 percent will be rented out. Among other things, the concept provides for special forms of housing such as apartments for seniors or people with disabilities and living space for students. 55 percent of the rental housing has been "price steamed" according to the investor offered.

In the lagarde 15 area, a joint building venture also wants to build a multi-family house. The shareholders involved are commissioning and paying planners as well as construction companies and tradesmen. In return you will receive an apartment.

Other construction sites

Financing the future development of the lagarde campus also depends on the availability of appropriate financial resources. This also applies to the private investors, whose commitment depends not least on the land being developed. So far, however, quite positive signals have been sent out by the city council’s parliamentary groups and the finance department – not least because a large number of apartments are also to be created on the lagarde campus. However, the possibility of individual projects being delayed for financing reasons cannot be ruled out. The future campus still looks like a cratered landscape from the air. However, the rough demolition and recycling work is nearing completion. This also includes the unsealing of former U.S. Motor pool sites and the disposal of contaminated sites.

Development the completely new development of the lagarde campus could also be continued after an interruption due to corona. The total duration of this work has been estimated at "four years" estimates. Parking pallets the mobility concept envisages the construction of several central parking pallets on the land. Since the costs of an initially planned underground parking garage had increased to 23 million euros compared to initial estimates, this project was dropped. Instead, it was proposed to create another parking pallet in the area of lagarde 17 (east of the former u.S. Headquarters/ cybercrime headquarters).


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